Innovative IT Platforms for Campuses That
Help Exceed Student Expectations

Software systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Learning Management System (LMS) are crucial to ensure centralized operations, maximum efficiency, and streamlined processes to give higher-education institutions a competitive advantage. At OculusIT, we manage IT platforms for campuses, from implementation to updates, and ensure zero downtime.


OculusIT brings along 15+ years of experience in delivering Banner® management expertise to the higher-education industry. The breadth of our niche services encompasses managing the entire Banner® environment, from installation, cloud hosting, security audits to the latest upgrades and value-added services.

We help higher education institutions focus on driving student success by leveraging our expertise in Colleague® managed services. OculusIT offers implementation support for Colleague® database, application server, identity management and helps optimize resources and cut operational costs by providing ongoing support and training for Colleague®

Leverage our suite of Jenzabar® products and services trusted by more than 1350 campuses worldwide to unlock limitless opportunities in higher education. We bring to you higher ed’s most trusted solutions to help drive institutional success.

Unifyed™ builds solutions exclusively for higher education that promote immersive student experiences, maximize security, increase operational efficiency and provide data-rich insights for staff constituents to boost retention and create a student-centric campus.

DegreeWorks is a web-based degree audit tool designed to help monitor the students’ academic progress towards degree completion. The tool allows students and faculty members to view up-to-date information on the student’s progress towards graduation. DegreeWorks enables the stakeholders to track which major, minor, or general education requirements the student has fulfilled and which are pending.

Banner® Workflow is a highly flexible solution designed to implement an institution’s business rules and workflows to help improve processes, deliver improved student experiences, and improve overall efficiency and consistency. Banner® Workflow enables the creation and execution of institution-wide workflows with an easy-to-use, object-oriented interface.

Ellucian Banner Document Management enables efficient document management to help students and faculty stay productive. The tool helps boost productivity by making information simpler to store, driven by high-volume scanning, imaging, indexing, and access. BDMS helps secure information by enabling institutions to decide who can read and edit files and define rules.

Ellucian Ethos is a platform tailored for higher education that helps unite people, processes, and technology across the institution. The platform helps simplify, streamline, and coordinate business processes, boost institutional performance, and flexibly migrate to the cloud. Ethos helps institutions adopt and deploy new technologies rapidly with pre-built integrations from across the higher ed community.

Ellucian CRM Recruit is an enrollment management software trusted by over 250 institutions to help achieve recruiting goals. The tool helps find, engage, and enroll best-fit students faster and easier. Ellucian CRM Recruit student enrollment system helps solve most pressing modern-day enrollment challenges by providing predictive insights such as real-time 360-degree view of student profiles.

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