Colleague® Managed Services

Colleague® Managed Services

What happens when a prestigious university like Marymount University decides to take action to prioritize operational excellence? They partner with the best! Marymount University Partners with OculusIT for Colleague® Managed Services!


Colleague® Managed Services specializes in delivering customized solutions specifically for higher education institutions, addressing the distinct demands of academic environments associated with Colleague® ERP. With a focus on IT infrastructure support, they offer comprehensive assistance to ensure the seamless functioning of critical systems within educational settings. The services encompass a range of specialized solutions designed to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

Unlocking Academic Potential!

Strapped for IT resources but committed to student success? Colleague® Managed Services can help! By taking care of your Ellucian Colleague® system hosting, database management, and application support, we free up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives and providing top-notch support to faculty, staff, and students. This not only improves efficiency but allows your institution to leverage technology for a better learning experience.

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Benefits of Colleague® Managed Services

Colleague® Managed Services for higher education institutions shines as a beacon of innovation and support, presenting unique benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Cost savings through optimized processes
  • Access to specialized expertise and resources
  • Enhanced scalability and flexibility
  • Improved focus on core business objectives
  • Heightened security and compliance measures
  • Enhanced system performance and reliability

Consulting Portfolio for Colleague® Managed Services

Colleague® Database Upgrades

Colleague® App Management

WebAdvisor® Maintenance

Colleague® System Administration

System and user account management

Colleague® Migration Services

Training and Enhancement

Systems Integration Professional Services

Colleague® Value-Added Services

24/7 Support

Providing round-the-clock technical support and assistance to address any issues or concerns that may arise, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.

Integration Services

Assisting with the integration of the managed service with existing IT systems, applications, and workflows to ensure seamless operation and interoperability.

Performance Optimization

Analyzing system performance metrics and making recommendations for optimizing performance, scalability, and reliability.


Customizing the service to fit the unique requirements and preferences to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of your institution.

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