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Cloud solutions by OculusIT help build and deploy campus applications in an intelligent, speedy, secure, and affordable manner.
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Higher education institutions manage a vast amount of student data, including grades, financial aid information, and personal details.  Database management services can be a valuable asset for these institutions.  These services provide expert assistance with day-to-day database operations, ensuring smooth performance and regular backups.

Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud

  • OculusIT EYE™: Your campus doesn’t have to worry about infrastructure management and IT staffing for network, security and server hardware and operating systems.
  • 24×7 Staffing Model: Convert capital expenditures to operating expenditures, and eliminate the headaches associated with security, end-of-life hardware, and maintenance.
  • Tens of thousands: The Cloud provides a high availability infrastructure with defined uptime SLAs and auto-failover as required.
  • Tens of thousands: The Cloud provides a high availability infrastructure with defined uptime SLAs and auto-failover as required.

Our Cloud Proof Points

Oracle - Move to the Oracle® Cloud with Confidence

We leverage the power of the Oracle® Cloud to deliver high-performance capabilities for IT platforms. With its high speed and flat topology, Oracle® offers the most advanced and flexible cloud solutions for enterprise applications. OculusIT experts hold more than a decade of experience in implementing the Oracle® High Availability Solutions on the Cloud.

  • Assessment and planning workshops
  • Communications, conversion, data archiving, testing, training, and instance management strategy
  • Data conversion and migration
  • Project assurance and health assessments
  • Project management and planning
  • Module phasing and rollout schedule
  • Business process mapping and gap analysis
  • Report specification and design
  • Best practices for collaborative team behavior

Amazon AWS - AWS™ Migration and Managed Services

OculusIT is proud to be an AWS™ consulting partner and one of the leading cloud service providers globally. OculusIT offers migration and management for Amazon Web Services™ to allow higher education institutions move to the Cloud with high agility and low cost and have a completely secure IT infrastructure. From strategic road maps to an ongoing 24×7 support, AWS™ solutions from OculusIT help liberate campuses from major roadblocks, costs, and complexity of old data centers. With over 15 years of expertise in managing the AWS™ platform and deep system integration capabilities, OculusIT guarantees a successful cloud implementation.

  • Public, private, and hybrid Cloud management services
  • Consultation on buying new AWS™ products/services or optimizing existing AWS™ products to suit the campus’s requirements
  • Re-host applications on the Cloud or re-engineering applications for the Cloud.
  • Providing alternatives to reduce the operating costs
  • Backup BCP and DR process audits
  • One-on-one support for answering AWS™ queries
  • Deployment and configuration of applications on AWS™
  • Performance monitoring for applications
  • On-premise AWS™ administration
  • Resolving incidents related to AWS™
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Account monitoring and management of AWS™
  • AWS™ infrastructure management
  • Cost optimization and planning

Microsoft Azure - Microsoft Azure Managed

Migrating applications to Azure® requires a strategy that addresses security, reliable backup, storage, recovery, and redundancy. The scope of our managed services for Azure® includes a comprehensive suite of services for setup, migration, and management of assets on Azure®, including disaster recovery (DR), backup, server instances, and application workloads.

  • Azure® Migration Assessment and Planning
  • Application Migration to Microsoft Azure®
  • Infrastructure Migration to Azure® IAAS
  • Database Migration to Azure® & SQL Database
  • Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Deployment Planning and Evaluation

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