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Cloud solutions by OculusIT ™ help you buy, build and deploy your campus applications in an intelligent, speedy, secure, and affordable manner.

Cloud Services

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Your campus operations need greater agility and accessibility than ever before. The outset of emerging technologies like big data, IoT, AI, M2M interactions and an ever-increasing dependency on digital assets need heavy computing power. The solution is the Cloud. We edge out from the competition with the best-in-class delivery models and a technology partner ecosystem that helps you realize your journey to the Cloud in the most cost-effective way.

Move to Oracle® Cloud with Confidence

Leverage the power of Oracle® Cloud to deliver high performance capabilities for your IT platforms. With its high speed and flat topology, Oracle® offers the most advanced and flexible cloud solutions for your enterprise applications. OculusIT experts hold more than a decade of experience in implementing the Oracle® High Availability Solutions on the Cloud.

Optimize your infrastructure for enterprise applications with Oracle® Cloud

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

  • Assessment and performance analysis for your previous environment
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters

Cloud Services

  • Database environment monitoring, management and support
  • Oracle® Cloud computing and storage

Cloud Services

  • Business and after-hours database administration with backup DBA support
  • Edition-based redefinition and online reorganization

Cloud Services

  • Installation, upgrade, hosting and configuration for your Oracle® environment
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Management

AWS™ Migration and Managed Services

Cloud Services

From strategic road maps to an ongoing 24×7 support, AWS™ solutions from OculusIT™ are designed to liberate your campus from the major roadblocks, cost and complexity of old data-centers. OculusIT™ is proud to be an AWS™ Consulting Partner and one of the leading service providers globally.

OculusIT™ offers migration and management for Amazon Web Services™ to allow higher-ed institutions move to the cloud with high agility and low cost yet have a completely secure IT infrastructure. With multiple years of experience with the AWS™ platform and deep system integration capabilities, OculusIT™ guarantees a successful cloud implementation.

Our Portfolio of Migration and Management Services for AWS™ Cloud

AWS™ Migration Services

  • Leverage public, private and hybrid cloud management services.
  • Consultation on buying new AWS™ products/services or optimizing existing AWS™ products to suit your campus requirements.
  • Suggesting alternatives to reduce operating costs.
  • Re-host applications on the cloud or reengineer applications for the cloud.
  • Back up BCP and DR process audits.
  • One-on-one support for answering your AWS™ queries.

AWS™ Managed Services

  • Deployment and configuration of applications on AWS™.
  • On-premise AWS™ administration
  • Performance monitoring for your applications
  • Resolving incidents related to AWS™
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Account monitoring and management of AWS™
  • AWS™ Infrastructure Management
  • Cost Optimization and Planning

SoftLayer® Managed Services

Cloud Services

IBM SoftLayer®, one of the leading cloud computing platforms differentiates itself from the market by offering unique capabilities like granular resources at the data center, example, bare-metal servers. It provides seamless integration, automation, security offerings like firewalls, SSL certificate management and application development services like digital transcoding. OculusIT offers complete hosting and management support for your applications on the SoftLayer® cloud with 24xd7 monitoring and backup.

Our Portfolio of Managed Services for SoftLayer® Cloud

Cloud Services

Hosting and Backup

OculusIT offers end-to-end hosting and backup support for your enterprise apps on SoftLayer® with business continuity and DR solutions.

Cloud Services

Cloud Management

Our cloud experts take care of the entire cloud lifecycle, from installation to upgrade and management of your SoftLayer® environment.

Cloud Services

Monitoring and Support

Our Network Operations Center offers 24×7 monitoring and support to ensure your apps are up and running and there’s zero downtime for your campus.

OculusIT™ Hybrid Cloud

OculusIT™ Hybrid Cloud provides you end-to-end cloud computing services at unbeatable prices with utmost efficiency. Our cloud offerings are secure, reliable, quick and backed up so that your applications are always up and running. With years of expertise in disaster recovery, OculusIT™ Hybrid Cloud can go far beyond simple backup to ensure all your key workloads are protected, and the disaster recovery process is tuned to your business priorities and compliance needs.

Our Portfolio of OculusIT™ Hybrid Cloud Services

Cloud Services
  • Continuous health monitoring with site recovery
  • Site replication and disaster recovery solutions
  • Daily VM backups and system-level data integrity checks
  • Secure and reliable backup-as-a-service
  • Cloud brokerage managed services
  • Managed cloud strategies that optimize your environment
  • Cloud migration and modernization services
  • Data management and analytics

Microsoft Azure® Managed Services

Migrating applications to Azure® requires strategy that addresses your security, secure and reliable backup, store, recovery and redundancy. Our managed services for Azure® include a comprehensive suite of services for setup, migration, and management of assets on Azure®. The scope of services includes disaster recovery (DR), backup, server instances and application workloads.

Our Portfolio of Managed Services for Microsoft Azure®

Cloud Services
  • Azure® Migration Assessment and Planning
  • Application Migration to Microsoft Azure®
  • Infrastructure Migration to Azure® IAAS
  • Database Migration to Azure® & SQL Database
  • Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Deployment Planning and Evaluation