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Do you know how frustrating it can be for students to wait on hold or navigate endless menus to get simple questions answered? City College of San Francisco solved that problem with OculusIT’s OneStop Chatbot & Voicebot services.


Chatbot & Voicebot services for higher education institutions provide automated assistance for student queries, course information, campus navigation, and more. These customized solutions enhance student engagement, streamline administrative tasks, and foster a tech-savvy campus environment.

Example of Queries Handled by OculusIT Chatbot

Admissions and Enrollment

Sample Inquires Handled

– Is my application complete for the Nursing program?
– Have I been admitted to the Nursing program?
– How much is the program?

Registrations & Records

Sample Inquires Handled

– When is my priority registration date?
– Why does my record have a hold on it?
– What is the current course load and grade level?
– Who is my academic advisor?

Information Technology

Sample Inquires Handled

– I forgot my password
– I need to connect my PlayStation to the network
– I can’t see my course
– I need a new phone setup

Financial Aid

Sample Inquires Handled

– Did you receive my application for financial assistance?
– What documents am I missing?
– How much is my financial aid?

Student Accounts

Sample Inquires Handled

– How much do I owe?
– If I don’t pay soon, what will happen?
– Can I pay in installments?

Features of OculusIT Chatbot

24/7 Access

Constant support, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Extended Hours

Increased support availability for diverse student needs.

Engagement Boost

Immediate assistance fosters active student involvement.

Prompt Responses

Quick replies enhance conversion rates, satisfaction.

Error Reduction, Compliance

Ensures accuracy, adherence to regulations and policies.

Response Enhancement

Improves response time, boosts customer satisfaction.

Automated Queries

Frees advisors for personalized support, enhancing efficiency.

Workload Alleviation

Eases semester start pressures, ensuring smooth operations.

Key Features of Voicebot Services


Voicebot speaks multiple languages for global audience engagement


Customize with voice recognition for tailored user experiences


Seamlessly integrate with third-party services for streamlined operations

Natural Interaction

Advanced natural language processing enables human-like interactions


Voice authentication ensures secure access to sensitive information

Features of OculusIT Chatbot

Custom Voicebot Development

Tailored solutions, expert collaboration, meeting unique requirements for various applications

Integration Services

Seamlessly integrate Voicebot capabilities into existing systems for smooth operation

Voicebot Analytics

Advanced tools offer insights, monitor performance, optimize for effectiveness

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Round-the-clock assistance, updates, and maintenance for peak performance

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