OculusIT Leadership Team

Joe brings over 20 years of experience building innovative higher education technology services companies. Joe was previously VP of Client Experience at CampusWorks and ran Ellucian’s corporate IT and client delivery for many years. He is a collaborative leader known for his passion for building formidable teams framed by a cooperative and trusting culture focused on customer needs.

Joe Redwine


Jim serves as VP, Engagements at OculusIT. His key areas of expertise lie in strategic business development, leadership, customer relationships, and developing global partnerships, mergers & acquisition. As part of OculusIT, Jim helps colleges and universities leverage the latest technologies and reduce their overall operational costs via strategic IT initiatives. Jim was previously with Accenture.

Jim Tandon

Vice President, Engagements

With more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry, AJ is the Chief Client Officer at OculusIT and works to drive technological transformation in the higher education institutions in the US and Canada. Prior to joining OculusIT, he successfully served as the senior technologist for Remote Infrastructure Management Services at Ellucian®.

Ajit Singh

Chief Client Officer

As Vice President of Marketing, Barbara Rodriguez oversees marketing and communication efforts for OculusIT. Barbara is a passionate marketer focused on transforming brands through digital strategies. She brings along two decades of corporate and digital marketing experience, including 5+ years in EdTech. Barbara received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of Kansas.

Barbara Rodriguez

Vice President, Marketing

Vince is an influential Cybersecurity leader and Risk Auditor. He has over 17 years of diverse experience in Cybersecurity Risk, Governance, Security Frameworks, IT Auditing, Information Security, Data Protection, Disaster Management, Threat Intelligence, Incident Management, and Cyber Operations. As a security practitioner, he is skilled at defining and implementing strategic direction. Vince has proven ability to leverage automation to solve complex business problems, manage risks and deliver a linear process. His areas of expertise include NIST, FERPA, ISMS, GDPR, GLBA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CSA STAR, Cloud security, Application security, Data Center management, and automation.

Vince Vargiya

Vice President, Information Security

Teresa has over 30 years of experience in professional information technology, institutional research, project management and senior information technology management. She’s previously worked with Ellucian for over 9 years with key expertise in project management, strategic planning, strong teams building and functional and technical aspects of ERP and connected systems.

Teresa Whidden

Director, ERP Services

With over 15 years of CS experience, Yohan is focused on strategic planning to drive customer relationships and retention. Through regular touchpoints and monthly executive connects, he helps colleges and universities leverage the latest technologies and reduce their overall operational. According to him, “Smart companies have realized that customer loyalty is the most powerful sales and marketing tool”.

Yohan Singh

Director, Customer Success

Victor Sharma is a result-oriented IT professional with 25+ years of diverse IT Infra and ISMS life cycle management background. He has the acumen to support mid-market companies to fast-growing start-ups and help manage their technology transformation. VS focuses on reorganizing operations and has strategic and managerial leadership experience with organizations such as American Express and Aeries.

Victor Sharma

Director, Infrastructure & Operations

As Senior Lead on OculusIT’s Colleague® Practice, Patricia Yue is focused on supporting, training, and leading Colleague® ERP solution efforts for our clients. Prior to joining OculusIT, she was with Datatel where she led a team dedicated to custom conversions. Having served at multiple institutions in her career, Trisha is passionate about education and prides herself on supporting higher ed institutions across the globe.

Patricia Yue

Senior Lead, Colleague® Practice