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Achieve Your Goals with Comprehensive IT Outsourcing Services

IT is a critical element of every college or university’s operations, yet it can be challenging to staff, maintain and advance in lockstep with institutional strategy. OculusIT’s comprehensive IT Outsourcing Services provide an affordable solution. Our unique focus on Outsourcing IT Outcomes gives you unprecedented flexibility while maximizing your financial investment. Imagine improving your overarching application, infrastructure, and security capabilities; retaining and growing existing talent; and optimizing your costs- freeing you up to strategize and innovate for the long-term. 

Why Comprehensive Outsourced IT Services from OculusIT?

Higher education in-house IT teams have their hands full managing day-to-day routine IT tasks, leaving them with little to no time to focus on their institution’s overarching IT strategy. Deliver quality teaching and learning experiences for your students and faculty without significantly investing in your institution’s digital infrastructure by choosing OculusIT’s comprehensive IT outsourcing services. We bring clear value by with 24/7 IT administration and support services to boost your institution’s IT operations, bandwidth, and infrastructure. 

Save big on costs and minimize risk by leveraging OculusIT’s comprehensive IT outsourcing services tailored for higher education. As an IT outsourcing partner, OculusIT will improve ROI and streamline operations at your institution. Our white-glove IT outsourcing services are driven by a strategic approach and delivered through our designated teams of specialists. We effectively provide end-to-end management of ERP, security, compliances, data, and more with our market-leading IT outsourcing services.       

Our Comprehensive IT Outsourcing Services

IT Leadership

We are leading providers of outsourced IT leadership services, including the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) based. Our staff augmentation services can fill multiple key roles across your institution at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time resources on campus.

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Managed Security Services

Security and risk leaders must think beyond conventional security management by outsourcing their security programs. As the leading provider of Managed Security Services for higher education, our approach achieves end-to-end cybersecurity by infusing the holistic approach with proactive and reactive security measures.

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Managed Infrastructure Services

As lines between physical and virtual classrooms blur, our managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model helps you deliver sustainable experiences for both education leaders and students. Unravel new teaching and learning pathways driven by affordable IT without compromising quality or performance with OculusIT.

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Managed Application Services

As an enabler of digitalization and institutional automation, we offer industry-leading managed application services underpinned by software systems, such as Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Learning Management System (LMS) to help you gain operational efficiencies.

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24×7 Service Desk

OculusIT offers one-stop service desk solutions to help campuses improve experiential outcomes with their student support systems. Our analytics-powered higher education customer service and student success SaaS platform support more than 200 institutions (and 6 million students) to earn operational efficiencies.

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24×7 Network Operations Center

OculusIT offers a fully-staffed and secure Network Operations Center (NOC) to enable cost-effective, scalable, and round-the-clock monitoring and support of devices, applications, servers, network and storage devices, and IoT sensors. Get relieve from the stress of maintaing networks with OculusIT NOC services.

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24×7 Security Operations Center

OculusIT EYE, our high-touch 24x7x365 SOC-as-a-Service based on a shared model for around-the-clock monitoring that helps in mitigating the risks posed by ongoing cyber threats/risks and protecting proprietary data. Our 24×7 fully-staffed SOC includes features like an evolved SIEM, threat detection, and much more.

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Risk and Compliance Assessment

The stakeholder expectations increase with the rise of global regulations, colleges, and universities face negative implications if their institution fails to comply with required standards. Not only this, but the institution faces other issues like technical risks, legal risks, and also financial penalties as well for the same.

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Our Benefits

  • High cost savings for institutions with budgetary constraints
  • Improvement in quality of services and staffing
  • 24×7 monitoring to safeguard institutional data against cyber threats
  • End-to-end management of IT assets
  • Complete freedom from safety concerns and liability of service

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