Single Sign on

Single Sign-On

One-click Access and login to All Your Applications.

Multiple passwords are a thing of the past. Access all applications, in a single platform, with a single click.

Applications Store
We provide access to 500+ pre-integrated Applications on a single platform. An applications is added with a single click to begin configuring it for your users—easy step-by-step guidelines to set up applications configurations.

Create a New Applications
Creation of personalized applications by filling in the basic applications configuration requirements

My Applications
A unified view of all applications on a single platform

Reporting and Analytics

Top 5 Most Accessed Applications

The Reporting and Analytics of OculusIT v7 detect the most accessed applications by users. It also detects the number of times the applications have been used and protocols like CAS or Common SSO initiated with each applications. The information visible on the graph is sorted by changing the duration and category like the group.

Top Logged in Devices

We help identify the most used devices by the users broken out by phone, desktop, and tablet and the browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, Edge, etc., the end-user is using to log into the portal. Our advanced AI-driven mechanism will also display the device most used and the total number of times the end-user has accessed using the same device.

Most Used MFA’s

Our intuitive reporting and analytics tool can identify the most used MFAs and the usage factors by duration and by groups broken down by faculty, staff and students.

Password Reset Sources

OculusIT’s reporting and analytics tool display the source used for resetting factors, sort out each password reset source by groups and time duration, and change the password reset sources over a period of time.

Role-Based Access Control

User Activity
Role-based access controls enables user activity to be monitored including, email ID, time of access, and location.

Assign Roles
Grant specified roles to users utilizing the email id and assigning a type of role to one or many individuals.

Self-Service User Sign-Up
No more passwords sent via email or through the post office. Users can set their information, password and password reset questions, eliminating service desk calls all via an email with a unique link for the user.

Custom Branding

Customize Your Header
There is an option to upload a logo on the header and add color to it. This header will be visible to all the users at the top of the login form.

Customize Your Form Background
The background and the text color of the form on the login page can be changed.