Cloud Backup

When business and mission criticality come into question, OculusIT’s cloud backup solutions keep you secure. We ensure that there is a plan B to minimize the effects of any downtime and disaster.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

OculusIT partners with the leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) from around the globe to offer cloud based Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP), enabling businesses to protect production applications in the cloud.

VMware® Hosting & Managed Services

VMware hosting and managed services are an extension of OculusIT’s leading managed solutions. OculusIT can help you migrate from your 3rd-party hosting provider and internally managed environment or provide a new dedicated build through VMware.

Microsoft Azure® Migration and Managed Services

OculusIT’s managed services for Azure® include a comprehensive suite of services for setup, migration, and management of assets on Azure®. The scope of services includes Disaster Recovery (DR), backup, server instances, and business application workloads.

Amazon® Migration and Managed Services

From strategic road maps to an ongoing 24×7 support, OculusIT’s AWS solutions are designed to liberate your business from the major roadblocks, cost, and complexity of old data centers. OculusIT is proud to be an AWS consulting partner and one of the leading service providers globally.

Monitoring Services

OculusIT helps you keep a check on a wide range of technologies including your website, applications, databases, operating systems, networks, and virtualization technologies. This helps you quickly identify the root causes of problems within any given service and also allows you to uncover patterns, trends or unknown dependencies that might affect other services in the future.