No More “Forgot Password” Blues

Do away with the dependencies on your tech team and remembering multiple combinations of usernames & passwords. OculusIT makes the process 10 times simpler by offering a self-service technology with strong credential policies that lets you reset your own passwords rather than losing them on some sticky note!

What Does It Offer?

Password Recovery

Recover forgotten passwords with a
multi-factor authentication.

Security Questions

Set your own questions for recovery or
choose from the lot we offer!

Expiry Notifications

Manage password expiry notifications and
facilitate easy updates.


Recover forgotten passwords with a
multi-factor authentication.

Recovery by Email/Phone

Use your cellphone or mail to recover lost
passwords without any hassle


Use our custom branding capabilities to your benefit
and deliver a seamless experience to your users.

Why Choose OculusIT?

Configure Password Policies

Manage your guidelines and policies such that your users set strong credentials and don’t lose their data to breaches

Time-based Notifications

Send timely notifications to your users reminding them that it’s been a while that they haven’t visited their recovery options

Multiple Active Directory® Support

OculusIT will support multiple Ads that you add, based on your requirements

Customize the Welcome Note

Avoid boring templates and create your own with our customizable options

Mandatory Account Recovery

Secure your recovery options with a mandatory account recovery button when the users sign-in

Admin Actions

Ensure streamlined flow of information when the admin makes changes in the recovery options and the users get notified

Ready to get started??