Zero Compromise With Security

Establish a safer gateway to access your resources from anywhere at anytime with the control to authenticate them, using our adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). We add an extra layer of security to your credentials and ensure protection against unauthorized access.

What Does It Do?

Password Manager Integration

Gain a protected password reset mechanism with OculusIT’s Multi-Factor Integration

Role-based Authentication

Use modes like SMS, email, mobile app etc. to establish role-based authentication

Challenge Questions

Ensure that the authenticated user logs in by verifying through challenge questions


Enable user authentication using push notifications on the mobile devices.

Diverse Detection Criteria

Trigger authentication based on user’s location, network, device, browser etc.

Fingerprint Authentication

Use the fingerprint recognition on touch-enabled devices to authenticate your users.

Why Choose Us?

Adaptive Security

Create a secure environment for your users without compromising on usability.

Zero Threats

Dynamic security and authentication policies based on user and device context

Better Flexibility

Enable users to access IT applications from anywhere at any time without compromising on security

Uncompromised Compliance

Comprehensive factors across the full range of assurance levels ensures a compliant environment.

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