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We highly commend OculusIT Easy Access services for their seamless integration of Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Self Service Password Manager, and more. The user-friendly interface and robust security measures have significantly streamlined access management, enhancing efficiency and bolstering security across our higher education institution. Thank you for your exceptional service and commitment to excellence.

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About Identity and Access Management

As hybrid work and learning environments become increasingly prevalent, higher education institutions encounter a pressing need to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities while optimizing operational efficiency. In response to the growing demand for seamless access to online resources by students and faculty, identity and access management (IAM) emerges as a pivotal strategy. IAM solutions enable institutions to authenticate role-based users effectively, safeguarding institutional data and systems against unauthorized access and cyber threats. This comprehensive approach not only enhances security but also promotes streamlined operations in the dynamic landscape of modern education.

OculusIT Easy AccessTM

Introducing OculusIT Easy AccessTM, an innovative and cost-effective solution customized specifically for higher education institutions. Designed to fortify your institution’s defenses against compromised user credentials and easily cracked passwords – OculusIT Easy AccessTM offers a comprehensive suite of protective features. With components including Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, Self Service Password Manager, and additional security layers, this robust solution empowers your institution to bolster its cybersecurity posture effectively. By streamlining the end-user experience with a simple click and freeing up internal resources previously allocated to routine access management tasks, OculusIT Easy AccessTM enables your institution to focus on priority projects and strategic initiatives.

OculusIT Easy Access Features

Single Sign-On

Achieve interoperability by enabling risk-free, low-friction authentication with multiple applications and websites using a single set of credentials, on a single platform, with a single click.

Multi-factor Authentication

Add another layer of security to your sign-in process and safeguard your institution against breaches caused by lost or stolen credentials by leveraging our robust MFA solution.

Self-Service Password Manager

Allow the end-users to quickly and securely reset passwords from anywhere, from any device, with governance leveraging our AI-driven Self Service Password Manager.

User Self-Registration

Streamline and automate the onboarding of new students, faculty, and staff with user self-registration. First-time users receive a welcome message directing them to verify their identity and create their own password.

Automated Provisioning

Automate the management of your constituents’ digital identities in real-time to simplify onboarding, offboarding, access requests, and account entitlements for your institution to save the time and effort of your members.

Benefits of OculusIT Easy Access

Enhanced Security

Provide secure, one-click access to 500+ applications on a single platform.

Reduced Cost

Reduce help desk interactions and operational costs for your institution.

Streamlined Compliance

Our solutions help streamline compliance with various accessibility standards.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our solutions are designed to scale with your needs, irrespective of size.

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