Microsoft Identity Manager

Microsoft Identity Manager®
Implementation and support
starting at $45/hour

Higher education institutions across the globe are moving towards powerful identity and access management technologies to provide unique and secure access to their students, faculty and staff. With Microsoft® having ended its mainstream support for Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager® 2007, 2007 FP1, 2007 FP1 SP1 and FIM, organizations must consider moving their applications to Microsoft Identity Manager® 2016 (MIM 2016) SP1.

Microsoft Identity Manager

Benefits of moving to Microsoft Identity Manager®

Microsoft Identity Manager® 2016 is built on the identity and access management capabilities of FIM 2010 R2, and helps you manage the users, credentials, policies, and access within your organization. Additionally, MIM offers you a hybrid experience with privileged access management capabilities and support for new platforms.

Microsoft Identity ManagerMIM offers Hybrid Reporting that
manages your cloud and on-premise
data at one place.

Microsoft Identity ManagerPrivileged Access Management
(PAM) which manages administrative
access to on-premise resources
including ADDS®.

Microsoft Identity ManagerSelf-Service Password Reset offers features like account unlock, QA and OTP with Azure® MFA.

Microsoft Identity ManagerSupport for Windows 2012, SQL
2012, AD 2012, SharePoint 2012
and easy integration to the
Azure® AD.

Microsoft Identity ManagerAll the latest versions of SQL, AD,
Oracle®, Azure® AD, etc. are
supported for connected systems.

OculusIT offers MIM implementation and support
starting at $45/hour

Microsoft Identity ManagerAutomated user lifecycle management

Microsoft Identity ManagerCloud-ready identities

Microsoft Identity ManagerPassword encryption services

Microsoft Identity ManagerReduction in leak & fault possibilities

Microsoft Identity ManagerMultiple identities, policy, credentials
and security management

Microsoft Identity ManagerDetailed reporting capabilities

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016

Microsoft Identity Manager