Chief Information
Security Officer Services

Our Approach to a Holistic Information Security Managed Service

CISO Services

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a senior executive who deals with security objectives and ensures that all the information assets are adequately protected. With CISO services from OculusIT, campuses can benefit from a multifaceted security team that can identify vulnerabilities, establish security best practices, and recommends the right technology to protect their IT operations.

Some of our key offerings include regulatory compliance, data privacy, recommending security strategies, and implementing the Security-by-Design (SbD) approach.

Data Security Offerings

Our offerings provide holistic data security controls to mitigate the risks and threats identified to each sensitive data type based on specific protection required for data silos.

Regulation Driven

Address the risks to customer information in all areas of their operation, including employee management and training, information systems, and detecting and managing system failures.

Why CISO Services from OculusIT?



Campuses are constantly on the lookout for alternatives to staff augmentation or hiring a full-time CISO.



We bring to the board expertise and advice from a team of former CISOs with multiple years of experience in managing security services.



With consumption patterns on an as-need basis, most campuses lack the scalability to hire a full-time CISO.


Security Components

CISOs’ experience capabilities encompass compliance, board-level discussions, strategy, and project rollouts.

OculusIT CIOs provide leadership support in the following domains:

Business Process Optimization

ERP System Implementation

Staff & Vendor Management

Organizational Realignment

Leadership Transition

IT Assesment

Technical IT Department

Project Management

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