Admission and Enrollment

Admissions And Enrollment
Help Desk Services

Embark on a seamless journey towards enrollment excellence with OculusIT’s specialized Help Desk services tailored for admissions and enrollment departments.

Streamline your admissions process to increase enrollment while lowering the cost per student.

Admissions and enrollment help desk services play a crucial role in guiding prospective students through the complex process of applying to educational institutions. These services are designed to provide assistance and support to individuals seeking information about programs, application procedures, deadlines, and requirements.

Scope of the Services

Application processing
and missing requirements

Lead evaluation

Routing of calls to
appropriate offices

Attending daily inflow of prospective

Quick Response to
email/chat Inquiries

Connecting students
with advisors

Why Choose Us?



Customized solutions for higher education admissions


Dedicated Team

Personalized assistance, minimizing admissions disruptions


Technology Expertise

Versatile support for diverse enrollment systems



Flexible services for institutions of any size


Cost-Effective Solutions

Optimizing admissions operations affordably

Hours of Operations


After-Hours IT Support

OculusIT ensures continuous support for students, faculty members, and administrators, including weekends and holidays. Our after-hours support service guarantees assistance at all times, transforming every moment into a productive opportunity for campuses.


24x7x365 IT Support

At OculusIT, we prioritize support accessibility at all times. Therefore, our programs, encompassing both inbound and outbound service desk services, operate 24/7, 365 days a year. This empowering the clients with reliable assistance whenever they need it most.

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