In 2003, leading research universities including Kansas State University, University of North Carolina, Chapel-Hill, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Washington State University joined forces to create OculusIT as a shared IT managed and cloud services consortium as a response to the ever-present challenges of shrinking funds, increased expectations, rapidly changing technology, limited alternatives and existing long-term, costly, inflexible vendor contracts. Through collaboration and resource-sharing, OculusIT is able to reduce funding requirements while offering high performance technology and services. Clients can subsequently move their focus from industry commodities to internal tasks and responsibilities that flourish with the requisite institutional knowledge provided by local resources.

Since 2003, OculusIT has evolved to become one of the world's leading IT managed and cloud services companies. Over 500 of the world's leading companies, colleges, and universities such as University of Wisconsin, Cornell University, Amazon, Los Angeles Unified School District, New York Community Bank, California State University, Florida Department of State, Unifyed, and Oracle have also selected OculusIT as their trusted IT managed services and cloud services partner.




Damian Ehrlicher


Scott Winkler

Vice President, Client Engagement

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Vice President, Operations

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Executive Vice President and Practice Manager

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Vice President, Customer Success

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