Project Management Office


No matter how large or complex your project, our cross-functional team of project managers are here to help, from design through execution. OculusIT supports higher education institutions with its flagship Project Management Office (PMO) – as – a – Service, delivering better collaboration and visibility across project activities, portfolios, resource utilization, tracking and reporting of project progress and costs.

OculusIT’s PMO makes sure institution’s procedures, practices and operations go right — on time, on budget and all in the same way. We ensure project and program success, and that’s cr l because institutitons deliver value through projects and programs. Our PMO:

  • Provides tangible, repeatable, long-term benefits to the business
  • Establish the PMO governance structure and aligns with corporate strategy and culture
  • Is agile enough to adapt as strategy shifts
  • Is a key enabler for the high-performing institution
  • Will map your business and approval processes to your portfolio of projects supporting initiatives

OculusIT delivers a process-driven PMO service built on a workflow engine that empowers higher education institutions to adhere to their governance framework by delivering the necessary visibility to key stakeholders while maintaining a superior level of service expected by their customers for IT and ERP projects, including:

Managed IT and ERP

Cloud Hosting and Migration

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Business process optimization

How can we help your campus with PMO services?

Deployment, Operation, Enhancement
Create and manage a sustainable PMO that drives your projects with the best tools and industry expertise.

Project Portfolio Management
Manage an optimal portfolio of projects with an approach that maximizes your ROI and is adaptable to your growing IT demands

Change Management
Be responsive to changing campus strategies and cultures by making your project management competitive and easily adaptable.

Project Management Methodology Implementation
Adopt methodologies that are quick, reliable and easy to grasp within your project team.

Resource & Vendor Management
Analyze, optimize and evaluate your resource and vendor usage by managing your IT talent

Project Review & Recommendations
Respond quickly to resource availability, scope and project controls to turn around a crisis and avoid failures.