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OculusIT Master Peer Consulting Services

Get the feedback and recommendations you need from your peers through our network of best-in-class Master Peer Consultants from top colleges and universities.

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What are OculusIT Master Peer Consulting Services?

As you make your way to remote teaching and learning platforms and remote work environments for your students, faculty and staff, OculusIT Master Peer Consultants are here to guide you through each step and make IT recommendations to smoothen the transition.

 Why Choose OculusIT Master Peer Consulting Services?

For higher education, by higher education…


OculusIT was a collaboration between CIOs from several colleges and universities more than 15 years ago.  We continue to engage higher education information technology leadership and experts through our Leadership Advisory Board and our Master Peer Consulting Services. Their valuable input drives the OculusIT solution portfolio, and this community of expertise is used as a brain-trust in supporting the mission of higher education.

In these current turbulent times of the Coronavirus pandemic, these master peer consultants bring valuable, practical expertise to the higher education community in support of remote teaching, learning, and administration.

Areas of Expertise


Governance, Reporting, Standards


Monitoring, Threat Detection & Remediation, User Provisioning, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Multi Factor Authentication

Help Desk

ITSM, Chatbots, ITIL

Enterprise Applications

SIS, LMS, Mobile, Portal, Databases

Datacenter & Cloud

Disaster Recovery, Backup, Storage, Virtualization, Replication, AWS™, Azure®

Meet Our Master Peer Consultants

Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Apps Consultation, Datacenter & Cloud Consultation.

Scott is responsible for managing an annual operating budget of over $10 million. He’s led technical implementations of IT systems and is the chair of the Board of Directors of Technology First and a Board member of the Ohio Dept. of Higher Education’s CIO-Advisory Board.

Scott A. McCollum 

Chief Information Officer
Sinclair College

Areas of Expertise: Enterprise Apps Consultation, Datacenter & Cloud Consultation

Area of Expertise: Security Consultation.

Bill has over 20 years of experience in managing IT systems & security and is building a security-focused culture within Rollins College. He has overseen the implementation of a new cloud SIEM and an SSO platform. He was previously a part of McGraw-Hill and Broward County Courthouse.

Bill Rodriguez

Senior IT Security Engineer
Rollins College

Area of Expertise: Security Consultation

Areas of Expertise: Cloud, Security, and Risk Management Consultation

Irene has over 20 years of experience in cloud architecture, cloud commercial solutions, enterprise architecture, and information security. She holds ISACA’s Certification in Information Systems Management (CISM) and has a Doctorate in Management Information Technology.

Irene Kopaliani

Research Computing Cloud Architect
Princeton University

Areas of Expertise: Cloud, Security, and Risk Management Consultation

Areas of Expertise: Executive, Security, Enterprise Apps Consultation

Rick brings over 20 years of experience in IT and executive management and strategy and is the Director of RTO for Arizona State University, and formerly the Director of Operations for Research Computing and the Information Security Officer for Research.

Rick Gould

Director of Research Technology Operations & Information Security
Arizona State University

Areas of Expertise: Executive, Security, Enterprise Apps Consultation

Areas of Expertise: Executive, Help Desk, Enterprise Apps, Datacenter & Cloud Consultation

Joseph is the Manager of IT Services at the University of Notre Dame. His team provides maintenance, enhancements, and implementation of IT Services that support the needs of the non-academic administration of the university.

Joseph Caudle

Manager, IT Solutions, Office of Information Technologies
University of Notre Dame

Areas of Expertise: Executive, Help Desk, Enterprise Apps, Datacenter & Cloud Consultation

Area of Expertise: Executive Consultation
Ajit is an experienced IT professional in the global Information Technology and Services industry. He is experienced with Cloud Hosting Solutions and IT operations, for both private and public clouds including AWS™, VMWare®, Oracle® Cloud. He also has hands-on experience on all Oracle® technologies including ERP Banner®.

Ajit Singh

Chief Information Officer
Reinhardt University

Area of Expertise: Executive Consultation