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Managed Security Services

OculusIT proved to be an exceptional partner in meeting our institution’s security needs. Their 24/7 SOC, CISO services, and security remediation were precisely tailored to our requirements. Their extensive experience in higher education enabled them to understand our needs comprehensively. We appreciated their prompt incident response, comprehensive security dashboard, transparency, and expertise. We highly recommend OculusIT to higher education leaders seeking robust security solutions.

— Morehouse College

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Does your IT team’s Security Challenges look like this?

  • Difficulty in identifying security risks
  • Challenges in setting up risk mitigation strategies
  • Maintaining academic transparency and information security
  • Overcoming resource and capability shortages for internal security
  • Compliance challenges with GDPR, PCI DSS, and other data security standards

If these difficulties resonate with your IT team’s experiences, it is time to consider implementing Managed Security Services. This is because Managed security services offer a proactive approach to safeguarding your institution’s digital assets and infrastructure.

Addressing the Security Challenges with OculusIT

Addressing the security challenges with managed security services offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your institution’s digital assets. With OculusIT, you can effectively mitigate risks, detect threats, and ensure compliance with data security standards. These services provide continuous monitoring, proactive threat hunting, and incident response capabilities, relieving the burden on your IT team.
Additionally, managed security services offer scalability, allowing your institution to adapt to evolving threats and business needs. With flexible service models, you can tailor your security approach to fit your specific requirements, whether you’re a small institution or a large enterprise.

Approach to a Complete Secure Cyber Posture

To ensure the complete security of your institution, OculusIT’s comprehensive approach includes two broad strategies

Proactive Security (Before threat detection)

Threat Hunting

Staff Training

Network Monitoring

Endpoint Monitoring

Reactive Security (After threat detection)

Firewalls & Antivirus

Incident Response

Spam Filters

Password Protection

Advantages of Managed Security Services from OculusIT

Expert cybersecurity professionals

Proactive threat detection

Swift incident response

Scalable solutions

Customized solution

Cost-effective protection

OculusIT’s Managed Security Services Offerings

Managed Security Services Bronze Shield Silver Shield Gold Shield
24×7 Staffed SOC (Security Operations Center) Yes Yes Yes
vCISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Hours Per Year 500 1000
Security Analyst 500 1000
Security Awareness Workshop One Time Annually
Weekly Reporting (Gaps, Threats, Handling Reports, Risks) Yes Yes Yes
Vulnerability Scan and Report 1x per year 2x per year 2x per year
NOCaaS (Network Operations Center) Yes Yes
GDPR / GLBA Compliance Assessment One Time
Named Customer Success Manager Yes Yes Yes
Managed Security Services Bronze Shield Silver Shield Gold Shield
Security Awareness Workshop One Time Annually
Subscription to OculusITEye™ – CIO real-time Security Event Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Firewall Review and Management Yes Yes
Application Security Review and Management Yes
OS Hardening Yes
Project Management Yes Yes
Named Service Delivery Manager Yes Yes Yes
Reporting: Monthly Executive Summary (SLA, Incident Handling Reports) Monthly Monthly Monthly
Executive Review and Planning Meeting Quarterly Monthly Monthly

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