Learning Management System

Managed Services for Learning Management System (LMS)

Managed Services for Learning Management System (LMS)

Managed services for LMS Service Desk Support offer comprehensive assistance, including troubleshooting, user training, and system optimization. It ensures smooth operation of Learning Management Systems, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction in educational settings.

OculusIT's LMS Application support extends to:


– Customization tailored to specific institutional requirements.
– 24/7 support for prompt issue resolution.
– Enhanced security measures safeguard sensitive data.


– Seamless integration for enhanced functionality.
– Training sessions for effective platform utilization.
– Upgrade management to ensure latest features.


– Performance optimization for smooth operational efficiency.
– Data analytics solutions for better decision-making.
– Scalability to accommodate growing institutional needs.


– Migration assistance for smooth transition process.
– Accessibility auditing for compliance with standards.
– Custom development to meet institutional requirements.


– Comprehensive training programs for all users.
– Enhancing user experience for improved usability.
– Effective content management for organized access.

Why OculusIT’s


Tailor-made services

Moving beyond the “one-size-fits-all approach”, we customize our services depending on your institution’s LMS needs. Whether it is 24/7/365 IT support you are looking for or after-hours support is what you require, we tailor our services



We provide high-quality services at unbeaten prices. We understand that institutions want to cut down on their IT help desk costs while wanting an excellent help desk support. That’s exactly what we deliver.


Certified agents

Oculusit has a team of experienced, highly qualified help desk service agents who specialize in customer service and are available round-the-clock to provide comprehensive technical support to your end-users.

Hours of Operations


After-Hours IT Support

If you need consistent support for students, faculty, and administrators outside of regular business hours, OculusIT's after-hours support service is here to assist. We ensure that every hour counts, transforming non-business hours and weekends into productive periods for your institution.


24x7x365 IT Support

We're committed to providing support whenever it's required. That's why all of our programs, whether it's inbound or outbound help desk services, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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