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Our Consultation Portfolio for Jenzabar Hosting Services

  • Jenzabar® database upgrades
  • Jenzabar® application updates and installation
  • Jenzabar® system administration
  • System and user account management
  • Training and enhancement requests
  • Systems integration services

Value-Added Services

24×7 Staffed Support

OculusIT offers AI-powered 24×7 staffed support for Jenzabar® management and support, enhancing the ability to automate personalized messages to FAQs, handle multiple end-users simultaneously, lower maintenance costs, and ensure a 10x faster resolution rate.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

With cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, OculusIT ensures that all the applications on Jenzabar® are always up and running, including business impact analysis, built-in WAN acceleration, 1-click failover mechanism, testing, and support.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Adaptive MFA provides access to Jenzabar® resources from anywhere at any time with the control required to authenticate them securely, including role-based authentication, push authentication notifications, various detection criteria, and fingerprint authentication.

24×7 Network
Operations Center 

OculusIT offers end-to-end security and monitoring for critical Jenzabar® applications via 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC), including threat detection and response with real-time data enrichment, analytics, incident management, and flexible deployment options.

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