ERP Services

Innovative IT Platforms for Campuses That
Help Exceed Student Expectations

Software systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Learning Management System (LMS) are crucial to ensure centralized operations, maximum efficiency, and streamlined processes to give higher-education institutions a competitive advantage. At OculusIT, we manage IT platforms for campuses, from implementation to updates, and ensure zero downtime.

The significance of gaining workforce insights to align the right resources is paramount for campuses. With Workday® managed services from OculusIT, institutions can combine finance, HR, and planning to solve the greatest challenges through our unparalleled hosting and consultation support expertise. In addition, we offer Workday® implementation and rollout, process configurations, version upgrades, ongoing learning, and support.

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

We help simplify the most complex Workday® challenges with a streamlined approach. OculusIT aims to accelerate ROI with unmatched project management leveraging tools that reduce security risks and help drive success.

Workday® Human Capital Management (HCM)

We help make campus decisions meaningful for their students with our student-centric benefits and payroll solutions for Workday®.

Workday® Financial Management 

Higher education institutions leverage from our years of unparalleled expertise in managing their Workday® financial management deployment services. As a result, we help drive ongoing improvements in the campus environment and build student satisfaction by a strong understanding of their needs.

Seamless Integrations 

Simplify the integration process with our seamless solutions for third parties and data sources. As a result, we help leverage the data institutions need to solve the most difficult challenges on Workday®.

Continuous Optimization 

Campuses get the most out of their Workday® investments by extracting maximum value through our continuous optimization services. In addition, we help increase ROI by building a robust strategy around Workday® operations.


Unifyed builds solutions exclusively for higher education that promote immersive student experiences, maximize security, increase operational efficiency, and provide data-rich insights for staff constituents to boost retention and create a student-centric campus.

Unifyed Engage

Unifyed Engage equips institutions with a highly intuitive, customizable, and simple-to-execute solution designed exclusively for higher education. Engage integrates with all major enterprise applications, including SIS, LMS, email, and more, making relevant information readily available across all devices.


  • Student Engagement Applications
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Integration
  • Unifyed™ Verify
  • Built-In Analytics
  • Unifyed™ Publish

Unifyed Admit

Unifyed Admit is a complete student recruitment platform designed to help higher education institutions automate their entire student recruitment process. It helps in improving overall communication to engage students, derive meaningful insights, and simplify other admin tasks.


  • Automatic Recruiter/Admission
  • Counsellor Assignment
  • Communication Plan
  • Checklist Assignment
  • Academic Calendar
  • Student Data and Information

Unifyed Student

Unifyed Student is an analytics-first approach solution to deliver the best-in-class constituent experience. With a swift implementation in just 3 to 6 months, institutions of all sizes can leverage customized solutions and witness a rise in campus-wide productivity, student engagement, and communication.


  • Unifyed Studio
  • Self-service Interface
  • Multi-tenant SaaS Application
  • Platform and Device Agnostic Solutions
  • Rapid Elasticity and Scalability on Demand
  • Named User Licence Model

Institutions leverage an uninterrupted e-learning environment for their students and staff with our managed services for Moodle. As a result, we help you minimize costs, streamline administration, and enjoy smooth training operations across the Moodle platform. In addition, we ensure responsive, reliable, and scalable solutions, from auditing the current Moodle systems to upgrading them to the latest version.

Our Portfolio of Services for Moodle:

  • Implementation
  • Hybrid Hosting
  • Upgrade Projects
  • System Administration and Configuration
  • Systems Architecture
  • Planning Services
  • Customization
  • Performance Testing
  • Technical Audits
  • Training Services

OculusIT is among the BEIS/EIS professional services leaders to help institutions implement, upgrade, and provide ongoing support at aggressively competitive pricing. We offer:

  • Single Authentication: We provide a single authentication page for end-users and Single Sign-On to get the students, staff, and faculty up and running.
  • Support for Multiple SSO Protocols: This includes direct support for SAML2, CAS, WS-Trust, WS-Federation, Open ID, and many other standards to connect the various systems across an institution easily.
  • Administration Tools: A browser-based control panel lets institutions quickly and easily view and update all their configuration information, users, and settings, which means no more digging through XML and parameter files.

The Ellucian ERP platform, Luminis®, creates a common entry point to day-to-day information used by students, faculty, and staff. With OculusIT, institutions can build, deploy, manage, optimize and enhance their ERP investments on Ellucian Luminis®, including installation, implementation, upgrade and support for Luminis®.

*Disclaimer: All trade names, registered or otherwise, are property of their respective owners. OculusIT is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ellucian®, Jenzabar® Salesforce® or Workday®.