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OculusIT’s Colleague® Managed Services transformed our higher education experience. Their innovative solutions and unwavering support have elevated our institution’s technological landscape, fostering seamless collaboration and efficiency. Grateful for their dedication to advancing education through cutting-edge solutions.

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About Colleague Managed Services:

Higher education institutions face numerous challenges in managing their IT infrastructure, particularly when it comes to maintaining and optimizing Colleague® ERP systems. These challenges include ensuring system security, handling updates and patches, managing integrations with other systems, and providing ongoing support to end-users. Colleague® Managed Services addresses these challenges by providing institutions with dedicated support and expertise to effectively manage their Colleague® systems. Also, as institutions increasingly rely on technology to support their operations, managing complex systems like Colleague® requires specialized expertise and resources. That’s where Colleague® Managed Services come in.

OculusIT’s Comprehensive Support for Colleague®:

With a focus on supporting Colleague® ERP systems, OculusIT’s Colleague Managed Services offering is designed to address the unique needs of institutions using Colleague®, providing comprehensive support and expertise to optimize system performance and drive institutional success. We provide institutions with the support and expertise they need to effectively manage their Colleague® ERP systems. With our dedicated support team, proactive monitoring and maintenance, focus on security and compliance, customized solutions, and cost-effective offerings, we help institutions optimize system performance, enhance security, and drive institutional success.

Consulting Portfolio for Colleague® Managed Services

Colleague® Database Upgrades

Colleague® App Management

WebAdvisor® Maintenance

Colleague® System Administration

System and user account management

Colleague® Migration Services

Training and Enhancement

Systems Integration Professional Services

Colleague® Value-Added Services

AI-Powered 24×7 Helpdesk

OculusIT provides AI-driven 24×7 helpdesk for Banner® management, enabling personalized FAQs, managing multiple users, cutting maintenance costs, and achieving a 10x faster query resolution.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our robust cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, including thorough impact analysis, WAN acceleration, testing, and support, ensure continuous uptime for all Banner® applications.

Authentication for Colleague

Adaptive MFA ensures secure Banner® access with role-based authentication, push notifications, diverse detection criteria, and fingerprint authentication for added protection.

Global Cybersecurity
Operations Center

OculusIT ensures comprehensive security and monitoring for Banner® applications with 24×7 NOC and SOC services, offering vigilant threat detection, analytics, and flexible deployment.

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