Disaster Recovery Services


Best-in-Class Capability
In a business environment where instantaneous data availability is a prerequisite and a significant success factor ensuring customer engagement, protecting this valuable asset has become the top priority for businesses. The key factor in deploying a robust DR plan is to have a reliable partner who can consult, deploy, and manage your DR program.

Business Continuity

  • Backup and recovery
  • Universal APIs
  • Visibility and monitoring
  • Protect data in the cloud
  • Physical workloads
  • Orchestration and automation

Disaster-Ready Campus With
OculusIT Disaster Life Cycle Management

OculusIT Hybrid Cloud

We host a DR site at OHC to protect the most critical databases, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and enterprise applications such as SAP. Replicating the machines into a low-cost staging area can significantly reduce the disaster recovery infrastructure cost.

Making Institutions Resilient Against Disasters.

Building Hyper-Available Campuses.

We help protect campuses against disasters, disruption, and downtime with hyper-available cloud solutions. We minimize the impact of calamities and cyber-attacks with in-depth analyses, testing, and designing.