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Focus Areas of our Cybersecurity Hygiene Report

The Higher Education Cyber Hygiene Report from OculusIT focuses on the following key areas:

Vulnerability Analysis

This section focuses on presenting the counts of all distinct vulnerabilities that are detected in the latest scans along with information including the name of the vulnerability, the severity level of the vulnerability, and the overall number of vulnerabilities detected.

Weekly Comparative Cybersecurity Analysis

This section will provide a comparison of previously discovered threats and vulnerabilities with results from the newest and most up-to-date scan, to track mitigation/remediation efforts and verify progress on a weekly basis.


Detailed Findings and Mitigations for Identified Vulnerabilities

The detailed findings and mitigations section is a summary view of discovered vulnerabilities with the recommended steps needed for mitigation. This section presents detailed scan results using network mapping and vulnerability scans to create a high-level snapshot into the security environment.

Critical and High Vulnerability Mitigations by IP Address

The “Mitigations by IP Address” section provides an in-depth view of the discovered vulnerabilities resulting from the scan. It allows a more granular view of a specific device to portray the vulnerability with the associated mitigation recommendations by device IP Address. This allows further analysis of a device if required or necessary.

False Positive Findings

The false positive section includes vulnerabilities that have been discovered by the scan, but that have been pre-determined, by CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency), to not actually be a threat. This information is provided to allow a site the option to further investigate these findings to verify they are indeed non-threatening, if they choose to.

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The increasing number of cyberattacks and low-risk-based cybersecurity reporting has made it crucial for higher education institutions to invest in robust security measures. But first, you must know your institution’s unique cybersecurity risks and understand how attackers target your school. The Higher Education Cyber Hygiene Report from OculusIT is a reliable way to identify these risks and learn how to mitigate threats moving forward.

The Higher Education Cyber Hygiene Report is a unique way of assessment to discover current exposures and vulnerable threats. Our security experts will include recommendations that your team can take to combat the identified threats to strengthen your institution’s security measures.

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