Banner® Cloud and Migration Service

Banner® Cloud & Migration Service

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OculusIT’s Banner® Cloud and Migration Services transformed our higher education institution’s digital infrastructure. Their unwavering support, advanced technology, and seamless integration have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and overall performance. Highly recommend for academic excellence.

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Banner® Cloud and Migration Services: Transforming Higher Education:

Banner® Cloud and Migration Services offer a transformative solution to the challenges faced by higher education institutions managing Banner® SIS/ERP systems on traditional on-premises servers. As educational institutions grapple with evolving technological needs, transitioning to cloud-based solutions becomes essential for optimizing operations, enhancing security, and reducing costs. Banner® Cloud provides a centralized and scalable platform with a comprehensive suite of modules tailored to the unique requirements of higher education. Migrating to the cloud ensures seamless integration, flexibility, and improved efficiency, enabling institutions to stay agile in a rapidly changing landscape.

How OculusIT Can Help: Expert Guidance for Seamless Transition:

OculusIT specializes in facilitating this critical transition for higher education institutions, offering expert guidance and support every step of the way. With OculusIT’s Banner® Cloud and Migration Services, institutions can navigate the migration process with confidence and ease. OculusIT streamlines the transition with rapid 3-month migration timelines, utilizing industry-standard Cloud services hosted on AWS and/or OCI. By partnering with certified Banner® specialists, OculusIT ensures that institutions receive personalized assistance tailored to their specific needs. With OculusIT’s expertise, institutions can unlock the full potential of Banner® Cloud, maximizing efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness to support their educational mission effectively.

Benefits of taking Banner® Cloud and Migration Services

Effortless Performance

Enjoy seamless banner performance for optimal user engagement.

Reliable Infrastructure

Rely on our robust cloud infrastructure for consistent banner delivery.


Protect your digital assets with advanced security measures in place.

& Confidentiality

Grow confidently; our solutions scale to meet your expanding business needs.

Proactive Management

24/7 monitoring and maintenance for uninterrupted banner excellence.

Performance Optimization

Regular fine-tuning and monitoring to ensure maximum speed and efficiency.

Experience and Innovation

Benefit from our years of experience and stay ahead with innovative solutions.


Tailored services designed to meet the unique requirements of your business.

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Tailored Services

Customized solutions meeting your
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