Small Team, Big Challenges: How Morehouse College’s IT Team Transformed Its End-to-End IT Security
23 March 2022
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Who hasn’t worried that their institution will fall victim to an irreparable cyberattack? Security teams, both large and small, have been faced with accomplishing more with less on-site resources and funding. And to ease the strain on the internal department, many smaller security teams can benefit from outsourced IT support.

Join us on Wednesday, March 23 at 1:00 p.m. ET as we sit down with Dr. Kimberley Marshall, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, at Morehouse College, for a conversation about the security challenges her institution faced and the steps they took to keep data secure from vulnerabilities. Learn how the Morehouse College team worked with OculusIT to strengthen its end-to-end IT security measures, proactively address potential threats, leverage virtual IT leadership, and more.

Key Speaker
Dr. Kimberley Marshall

Dr. Kimberley Marshall currently serves as the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Morehouse College. She has a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Dr. Marshall is skilled in Facilitation, Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Change Management, SAS, and much more. She is an information technology professional who graduated from Mississippi State University.