Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation

Secure your campus against cyber threats with advanced threat detection, monitoring and mitigation.

OculusIT offers quick detection, response and remediation of cyber threats, leveraging some of the best practices and industry standards. We utilize a unique combination of machine learning analytics to detect and mitigate threats in a proactive manner.

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Risk Assessment and Compliance Audits

Security Information and Event Management

OculusIT provides an evolved SIEM and threat detection & response solution that offers real time data enrichment, multifaceted analytics, complete incident management and flexible deployment options. This solution provides unmatched visibility, advanced threat detection and definitive response against cyber-attacks.


Data Protection
Model and Process


Data Discovery
and Data Classification
Data Protection
Technology Selection


Data Protection
Risk Assessment / PIA


Data Security and Privacy Organization Road Map


Policy Integration across all identified silos
Data Protection Solutions Implementation


User Acceptance
and Roll-Out

Managed Services

Data Security
Incident Management


Audit and
Data Protection Solutions Data Security Solution Management



Data Security Offerings

Our offerings provide holistic data security controls to mitigate the risk and threats identified to each sensitive data type and on the basis of specific protection required for data silos.




Regulation Driven

Address the risks to student and staff information in all areas of their operation, including user management and training information systems and detecting and managing system failures.

  • GLBA
  • GDPR / DPO
  • ISO
  • Federal and
    State Laws

Security Operations Center-as-a-Service

Security Operations Center-as-a-Service from OculusIT monitors and mitigates the risks to your data and data sources.
This includes ERP applications, CRM systems, data centers, remotely hosted applications and other peripheral systems.
We perform effective threat analysis, network and host scanning, end-point
protection, network capture and control and mitigation.

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation

Fully Managed

  • No upfront costs
  • No ongoing costs
  • No staffing challenges
  • SIEM
  • Case management
    and incident tracking
  • Fast set up and
    immediate results
Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation


  • Flexible and readily available resources
  • 24×7 support
  • Rapid response on threats
  • SIEM administrative Assistance

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation


  • Cost effective
  • 24×7 support
  • Rapid response on threats
  • SIEM administrative Assistance

SOC-as-a-Service Framework

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation

We help you secure your IT infrastructure and
data to ensure you are a hyper-available campus.

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation

Response Services

Solutions from the OculusIT EYE® drastically reduce an attacker’s dwell time, the time to engage top-tier IR professionals and exposure to risk during an incident or a breach. We offer malware analysis, network analysis, host forensics, cyber threat intelligence and cyber forensic analysis framework.

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation

Protection Services

OculusIT offers continuous endpoint monitoring, rapid data collection, behavioral-based detection with monitoring and advanced analysis and threat prioritization. This approach reduces the attackers’ dwell time, empowers security teams and accelerates investigation.

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation

Network Detection
and Response

This feature provides real-time visibility into all your networks and removes blind spots. OculusIT experts enrich this process with threat intelligence from your data to quickly eliminate legitimate and high-risk threats. We aim to rapidly detect threats before they lead to a serious breach or disrupt your organization.

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation

Vulnerability Assessment
and Penetration Testing 

This offering includes an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of applications and systems. Using the VAPT approach, an organization gains detailed visibility into malicious threats that they may be facing. OculusIT helps you meet regulatory and compliance requirements through VAPT with trusted advisory and consulting services.

Threat Detection Monitoring & Mitigation


To counter the imbalance of unlimited threats and limited resources, OculusIT offers CISO-as-a-Service to catalyze your processes with improved decision making. This offering provides effective measures to improve your cybersecurity, build an immune security system and be prepared for tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.

For more information on how we can better secure your IT infrastructure, get in touch with one of our security consultants.