A New Obligation Under GDPR

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is an analytical process under the GDPR that helps identify and minimize data protection risks. An effective DPIA brings broader compliance, financial, and reputational benefits; helps you demonstrate accountability; and builds trust and engagement with individuals. OculusIT conducts DPIA for any type of processing which is “likely to result in a high risk” to individuals’ interests.

How do we conduct a DPIA?

Our DPIA consists of the following key steps:

Identify the need for a DPIA

Describe the information flow

Identify data protection and related risks

Identify data protection solutions to reduce or eliminate the risks

Sign off the outcomes of the DPIA

Integrate data protection solutions into the project

Why choose OculusIT?

Identify potential threats at a nascent stage

Increase awareness of privacy and data protection with our GDPR experts

Actions are less likely to be privacy intrusive and have a negative impact on individuals

Ensure that your organization is following the best practices

Reduce the likelihood of a legislation breach in GDPR

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