Higher Education Wed Student Portal

Leverage the power of a highly intuitive platform to launch an information-rich, digital campus for students, staff, and faculty. You can increase conversions, strengthen institutional credibility and brand, improve user satisfaction, and most of all, save money and time with our services for Unifyed.

What do we offer?

Customized branding

Seamless integration

Cross-environment, cross-platform compatibility

Enhanced student engagement

Personalized communication

Identity Management

Personalized and user-relevant content

Why choose OculusIT?

Higher education expertise

With 15 years of higher educational experience, OculusIT exemplifies a deep technical expertise via a skilled team of professionals.

Cost effective

OculusIT ensures affordable solutions to meet the needs of all types of organizations for various projects.

Ease of use

OculusIT provides a customized experience to its customers to manage all kinds of work-loads and the team is available round the clock for support.


OculusIT understands the uniqueness of each institution and department and therefore customizes its solutions to fit specific needs.

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