Monitor the Heart of Your Infrastructure

Stay on top of server outages and performance issues and get an in-depth visibility into key performance indicators of Windows® and Linux® servers in your data center. We check your key performance indicators and detect server performance issues before they sabotage your systems.

Windows® Monitoring

Obtain critical inputs on various performance parameters of Windows® servers

Monitor all your Microsoft® applications in one go

Track your server resources using file, directory, and event log monitoring

Extensive performance reports and alerting system

Linux® Monitoring

View all your critical metrics in a single dashboard

Monitor your Linux® processes and network traffic

Obtain a detailed report on input and output traffic, along with their bandwidth utilization

Add numerous checks and have all the resources on your server monitored proactively

Cloud Monitoring

A single console for monitoring your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure

Monitor applications hosted in the cloud as well as inside your corporate data center

Ensure high uptime and peak performance of your Amazon® cloud resources

Gain insight into the performance of your cloud computing environment, troubleshoot and resolve problems before end users are affected

Perform capacity planning in allocation of cloud resources

Why choose OculusIT?

Simplified server management

Improved system performance

Proactive identification and correction of server problems

Maximizing current network systems assets

Preventing financial loss

Software and updates optimally deployed

Reduced IT costs

Unused licenses and assets

Minimize network and employee down-time

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