Reliable Network Monitoring with 24×7 NOC

OculusIT offers a fully managed network monitoring service with a Network Operations Center that is available 24x7x365 for administration, alerts, and maintenance of designated network systems and devices – freeing your staff to focus on business goals.

What do we monitor?

Routers and Switches


Security Appliances

Load Balancers









What is included in our network monitoring?

Managing inventory and document IP-addressable devices

Creating a service call matrix and methodology to document communication contacts

Documenting the named individuals who will be granted access to reporting capabilities

A Network Operations Center that works with the on-site staff to monitor your servers and infrastructure

Monitoring of systems, applications, and processes based on alerts from IT team

Managing the threshold settings on each system and monitoring devices with the onsite staff to determine optimum settings

Alerting onsite staff by email and/or text-enabled cell phones when alert thresholds exceed or when monitored systems fail to respond.

Configuring scripts to provide rapid restart of devices and processes being monitored, when applicable, under the direction of onsite staff

Providing designated onsite staff and/or college management with read-only access to reporting system via an authenticated web-based portal

Assisting onsite staff in the analysis and interpretation of reports and their applicability to specific symptoms or service affecting events

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