Enhance Visibility and Efficiency with IoT Monitoring

An unparalleled amount of data revolves the various dimensions of your organization every day. At OculusIT, we provide end-to-end IoT solutions for building a secure and scalable environment that you can track, monitor, and connect with your business’ most important assets.

What are the features of our IoT devices monitoring?

Device Management

Devices can be provisioned and managed in groups of as much as 10,000

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring of advance IT systems including servers, network, router, switches, CPU, memory, disk etc.

Device Traffic Management

Retrieve detailed device traffic information to analyze device performance and root cause cost drivers

Alerts Management

Define custom alerts with a wide variety of flexible options in addition to pre-defined system alerts


View both custom and pre-defined reports on device details, traffic costs, and traffic handled by each device

Why choose OculusIT?

Receive visibility into your operating conditions and improve field service

Get real-time updates and securely optimize performance and boost customer satisfaction.

An expert team of professionals available 24×7 for support

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