Get Detailed Insights into Your Application Stack

Implement an effective application monitoring that allows your organization to detect application, service or process problems and eliminate downtime for your users. Whether your server platform is Linux®, Windows®, MAC® or UNIX®, OculusIT has the tools to monitor the applications and show them in the process stack.

Custom Checks

OculusIT measures application performance using a variety of custom checks and balances, including:

Monitoring the process stack

SQL database queries

Multi-step scripts

Email transaction processing

Monitoring event logs

What do we offer?

Web application monitoring
Website content monitoring
URL monitoring
Website defacement detection
Web transaction monitoring
HTTP monitoring
Website hijack Detection
SSL certificate monitoring

Why choose OculusIT?

Increased website performance

Fast detection of outages, website defacement, and website hijacking

Increased website and web application availability

Capacity planning information for future web server and application upgrades

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