Website Monitoring

OculusIT makes it easy to stay in sync with your website uptime and proactively monitor the performance of your IPv4/IPv6 enabled websites from more than 7 locations globally. You can analyze how the website responds when accessed from various global locations and take swift corrective actions in case of downtime.

Application Monitoring

OculusIT provides tools for monitoring of applications and application state – whether your server platform is Linux, Windows®, MAC®, or UNIX, your applications will show up in the process stack. We use a variety of methods to check the stack to ensure your applications are running and available.

Database Monitoring

OculusIT can monitor your database around the clock, and should any problem arise, even at odd hours, immediately fix it, often without you knowing an issue has even occurred. Our monitoring services also provide detailed records of metrics for trending, diagnosis, troubleshooting, capacity planning, and more.

Network Monitoring

OculusIT utilizes its Network Operations Center (NOC) and monitoring software to provide 24x7x365 monitoring, all administration, alerting and maintenance of designated networked systems and devices – freeing your staff to focus on running your business.

Server Monitoring Solutions

OculusIT delivers excellence in server monitoring utilizing the best-in-class technologies. We identify and monitor all aspects of server health and performance before problems arise. OculusIT’s server monitoring services ensure that your IT investments support your growth strategy.

IOT Device Monitoring

OculusIT’s monitoring solutions are compatible with a variety of devices and at the same time, they are more secure, robust, and fault efficient. OculusIT provides a real-time detection for IoT device state and real-time IoT monitoring for connected devices.