OculusIT’s virtualization management services help monitor components within the cloud and carry out diagnostic and troubleshooting activities in support of our clients. We can provide service to gather statistical data about the application usage within the cloud. OculusIT also carries out capacity planning, configuration management, as well as application performance tuning. We also help our clients cut down on superfluous expenditure and reduce the operational costs.

A few of the common issues in managing in-house virtualization include:

  • Most IT staff lacks the ongoing management and installation skills.
  • Operating costs for an in-house virtualization infrastructure tend to fluctuate monthly.
  • IT staff spends more time attempting to maintain the server than on strategic company IT projects.
  • The costs of hardware, software, and maintenance are rising, but IT budgets are continually shrinking.
  • Lower cost management
  • Streamline the IT Infrastructure
  • Secure your virtualization infrastructure
  • Industry’s best practice: Use the service providers ITIL compliant service desk to log installation requests and changes
  • 24x7x365 support for your virtualization infrastructure
  • Multiple security protocols giving different levels of access
  • Faster solution rollout, hardware and software upgrades and maintenance, up-time, and disaster recovery
  • Reduce the time spent on mundane monitoring tasks, updates, and report generation
  • 24×7 management
  • Reduce support and infrastructure costs
  • Network virtualization – It is a method of linking the available resources in a network by separating the bandwidth within channels, each of which can be assigned to a server in real-time.
  • Storage virtualization – It is the merge of physical storage from various network storage devices into what appears to be a single storage medium that is managed from a central console. Storage virtualization is used in storage area network (SAN).
  • Server virtualization – It is the masking of server resources from server to user. The aim is to spare the user to understand and manage the complicated details of server resources using more resource sharing and utilization and maintaining the capacity to increase later.

OculusIT’s world class support and management staff can implement and support a virtualization solution fitted to your specific needs. Our virtualization services are known in the industry, can be tailored specifically to your current and future needs, and managed by our team of highly skilled network administrators, technicians, and talented consultants available 24X7.

OculusIT can offer you:

  • Managed desktop and storage virtualization
  • Virtual network security solutions
  • Managed virtualized network services
  • Managed server virtualization

OculusIT’s managed virtualization services will allow you to focus on your core business while we focus on ours – getting your virtual infrastructure set up and running and providing you with opportunities to decrease costs, increase your ROI, and long-term success.