Optimize Your Virtualization Infrastructure

Monitor components within the cloud and carry out diagnostic and troubleshooting activities for your business with our virtualization management services. We perform capacity planning, configuration management, and application performance tuning for your organization at prices that make sense.

Divisions of Virtualization Management

Network virtualization

Link the available resources in a network by separating the bandwidth within channels, each of which can be assigned to a server in real-time.

Storage virtualization

Merge physical storage from various network storage devices into a single storage medium that is managed from a central console.

Server virtualization

Spare the users from managing the complicated details of server resources by optimizing resource utilization and maintaining the capacity to increase later.

What do we offer?

Managed desktop and storage virtualization

Managed virtualized network services

Virtual network security solutions

Managed server virtualization

Why choose OculusIT?

Lower cost management

Streamlined IT infrastructure

Secured virtualization infrastructure

24x7x365 support for your virtualization infrastructure

Industry’s best practices

Multiple security protocols at different levels of access

Faster hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, up-time, and disaster recovery

Save the time spent on mundane monitoring tasks, updates, and report generation

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