Authentication via CAS for Single Sign-On

The open source Central Authentication Service (CAS) creates a secure way for users to access multiple services with an enterprise Single Sign-On. We provide the expertise for a professional CAS deployment, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Our Two-Way Approach for CAS Solutions


This includes surveys, reporting, and analyses that determine and prioritize the conditions required for a new implementation, update or customization to an existing CAS instance.


This includes a general CAS mentorship from an experienced OculusIT developer or a consultant to assist the IT staff.

Our System Integration Services for CAS

We have an extensive experience in installing CAS into other solutions such as Sakai, Unifyed portal etc. Our “CASification” begins with an initial analysis where the technical consultant determines which client applications can be “CASified.” Once this is completed, OculusIT’s team installs CAS in the application within the client environment.

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