OculusIT has a range of Ellucian Banner® consulting services from delivering Banner® database, application server, Identity management implementation/health checks to assisting your organization in the implementation of Banner® technology. We also provide Banner® migration and Banner® upgrade viz database, developer suite (forms and reports) and application servers along with upgrades to Banner 9®. Our expert database administrators provide project scoping, disaster recovery, design services application/database security, and application support.

OculusIT’s Banner® team, led by professionals, comes with years of experience and expertise in Banner® professional services for higher educational institutions. We provide on-site, off-site as well as offshore services for Banner®. These services backup, maintain, and monitor the Banner® database via a team of expert domain specialists, that diagnose and resolve the issues immediately. Our models include:

  • On-site Business Model
  • Hybrid Business Model (onsite and off-site both)
  • Off-site Business Model

All Banner® consulting modules including:

  • Banner® Student Technical
  • Banner® Finance Technical
  • Banner® Workflow Technical
  • Banner® Document Management Suite Technical
  • Banner® Account Receivables Technical
  • Banner® Alumni Technical
  • Banner® Finance Technical
  • Banner® Financial Aid Technical
  • Banner® Position Control Technical
  • Banner® Web Tailor Technical
  • Banner® Technical

Functional: Almost all the Banner® functions, including:

  • Banner® Student including student registration/mass loading during admission
  • Regular Banner® DBA activities
  • Banner® report generation/population selection
  • Creation and generation of custom reports
  • Converting any kind of functional requirements into Banner® technical including forms/reports/proc/Pro*COBOL
  • Banner® Finance/Financial Aid/AR receivable personnel

Remote DBA Services: OculusIT helps you with installing and updating 3rd-party applications in addition to system administration. We provide expertise in remote database administration backed up by over 15 years of experience.

Database Monitoring Services: Our platform tracks, monitors, and manages the client’s databases remotely. Our clients can access information and receive 24×7 live support anytime and anywhere.

Performance Tuning: This includes improving response time, eliminating bottlenecks, increasing scalability, reducing hardware and software costs, and working with developers to improve the performance of SQL and PL/SQL.

Database Management: This includes database architecture and design, installations, enhancements, patches, monitoring, database rebuilding, RAC (Real Application Clusters), replication, capacity planning, and troubleshooting.

Customized Recovery Solutions for Every Institution’s Unique Requirements:

  • Employ risk analysis procedures for case-specific diagnoses
  • Identify and prioritize exclusive recovery options
  • Implement proprietary recovery solutions to minimize downtime and monetary losses and restore business operations

Database Analysis and Design:User requirements, database functionality, logical and physical design, data modeling.

Disclaimer: OculusIT is not a partner, affiliate nor does an agency relationship exist between Ellucian®, Banner®, or Colleague®. OculusIT does not develop, market or distribute these products or services, nor do these companies endorse the products or services of OculusIT.