Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Map your way to digital safety with risk remediation & mitigation and fraud prevention solutions.

OculusIT offers quick detection, response and remediation of cyber threats, leveraging some of the best practices and industry standards. We utilize a unique combination of machine learning analytics to detect and mitigate threats in a proactive manner.

Risk Assessment and Compliance Audits

Our Portfolio of Risk Remediation and Mitigation Solutions

OculusIT, in partnership with RSA, offers advanced capabilities to stop fraud without compromising customer experience. Our suite of service provides you fraud protection, adaptive authentication, web threat detection and fraud intelligence services to protect your consumers from online and mobile fraud, phishing, account takeover and data breaches.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Cyber Incident Risk Management

Gain visibility into your organization’s weak security points and identify breaches, apply remediation and take actions that align towards your organization’s risk objectives. OculusIT takes a business-driven approach towards digital transformation via strong incident risk management capabilities.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Data Privacy Risk Management

Alert stakeholders against regulatory changes through agile monitoring capabilities and contextualize your compliance processes and technology according to your business goals. We combine deep technical expertise with business advisory to manage risks and security operations.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Third Party Risk Management

With OculusIT, you can develop a risk management strategy to proactively manage third-party risks around data thefts and losses, opportunity costs and future impacts to your business objectives. Our cyber experts offer guidance, direction and recommendations based on your business goals and challenges.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Digital Business Resiliency Risk Management

The cyber experts at OculusIT analyze and examine the risks and assumptions around your organization’s resiliency plan and help you test your business’ ability to survive against a ransomware or cyber-attack. We help you infuse information governance into business operations so that being cyber safe is a priority.

Fraud Prevention Solutions

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

3D Secure Authentication for eCommerce

Prevent fraud practices with risk-based authentication solutions that support the 3D Secure 2.0 protocol. We support a range of step-up authentication processes that include biometrics, SMS and one-time passwords. This in turn initiates highly effective cardholder protection for a secure shopping experience.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud PreventionMobile Transaction Protection

Protect your customers from advanced financial malware with transaction signing for mobile transactions to assure authenticity and combat fraud. This transaction signing can be integrated with biometrics like facial identification and fingerprints for a layered secure transaction.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud PreventionCyber Intelligence Services

Gain actionable insights into cyber-crimes targeting your organization with our cyber intelligence services. OculusIT, in partnership with RSA, offers general, targeted and advanced cyber intelligence sting operations to reveal the cybercriminals’ infrastructure and processes.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Phishing Protection

Safeguard your clients against phishing attacks, cyber threats, ransomware and trojan attacks with our phishing protection and threat management service. This offering monitors all major app stores, identifies unauthorized applications and shuts down rogue mobile apps.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

Web Threat Detection

Avoid account takeover and automated attacks with a simplified fraud detection process. The account takeover attempts are becoming worse by each attack. We offer comprehensive online and mobile fraud detection which gives you full visibility into malicious and suspicious behavior through behavioral analytics and flexible deployment options.

Risk Remediation, Mitigation & Fraud PreventionAdaptive Authentication 

Control your digital risks across multi-channel environments without impacting your business environment with our adaptive authentication services. This service leverages machine learning and risk-based authentication to protect your users on online portals, websites and mobile applications.

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