Banner® Management Simplified

Save time on merging duplicate student entries with our cleanup tool for Banner® – simple, easy to use, and designed with the non–IT user in mind. With a bunch of cool features to merge, deactivate, and delete duplicate PIDMs, managing Banner® gets 10x simpler!

Say goodbye to duplicate data in Banner®

For many institutions, inconsistent data is not just inconvenient, it is a major impediment to their work. Collection of data from multiple applications and databases creates the potential of duplicate records in Banner®. These can lead to confusion, inaccurate record keeping, and inefficient, frustrating processes for students and staff.

How does Eliminame make a difference?

Built with the input of multiple
Banner® institutions

A common matching algorithm
to identify duplicate entries

Deactivate or delete duplicate
entries from the database

Audits user actions with
built-in audit trail reporting

Data owners can merge their
respective data

Extended personal information
via modules

A secure, restricted access

Auto-merge at the click of a

Third-party application support

Why should you choose Eliminame?

Eliminame saves productive time which is otherwise spent in deletion / merging of duplicate student entries. With this tool, you can improve your data consistency and accuracy while managing the web of relationships between multiple offices who manage disparate data elements.

Interested in Eliminame?