OculusIT Student Engagement apps

Leverage next generation Student Information System with OculusIT Student

OculusIT Student delivers the best-in-class Student Information that is mobile-ready, intuitive, cost-effective, easily implemented and is built on microservices architecture. It is an analytics-first approach solution to deliver the best-in-class constituent experience. With swift implementation in just 3 to 6 months, institutions of all sizes can leverage customized solutions and witness a rise in campus-wide productivity, student engagement, and communication.

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OculusIT Student helps institutions with:

OculusIT Student Engagement apps

Instant Analytics & Easy Ad-hoc Reporting

  • Role-Based dashboards enabled with analytics
  • Configurable charts to provide a unique view of the underlying data
  • Clickable charts to see details behind the graphs
  • Customizable dashboards to meet specific business requirements
  • Ability to get an instant custom report
  • Easy to obtain complex reports such as IPEDs
  • Provision of going behind the scenes to view the data and generate their own queries

Customizable & Intelligent Forms

  • Tabular views of the data, allowing the user to customize the column
  • Built “Intelligent Forms”, remembering every user’s preferences
  • Smart sorting features with reduced number of clicks to perform simple sorting tasks
  • Introduces forms with extensive searching capabilities
  • Designed to ease data entry with unique data entry features
  • Inbuilt smart features like entering a Zip Code & automatic display of international dialing code
OculusIT Student Engagement apps

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