OculusIT Admit

Simplify your student admission process with OculusIT Admit

OculusIT Admit provides cost-effective, easy to use student recruitment processes, with flexible and filterable analytics dashboards, direct integration with SIS, and much more. It is a complete student recruitment platform designed to help higher education institutions in automating their entire student recruitment process. It helps in improving overall communication to engage students, derive meaningful insights, and simplify other admin tasks.

Automatic Recruiter/Admission Counsellor Assignment

Define rules to automatically assign a recruiter or counsellor to a prospect or an applicant. Example: Assign a recruiter to a prospect based on his demographic.

Communication Plan

Create and automate rule-based communication correspondence plan for prospect, applicant, or a successful admit for each stage of recruitment cycle to engage students.

Checklist Assignment

Institutions can remind applicants to keep track of their application status using a checklist of tasks, enabling them to move on the next stage of recruitment cycle with the help of automated timely notifications or correspondence for pending items.

Academic Calendar

Multiple calendars for multiple programs; segregate your data for prospects and applicants based on set rules.

Student Data and Information

Collate and fetch student data and information under one repository using manual, self-service or through migration.

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