Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)

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IT infrastructure and cloud solutions

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Managing your cloud platform can be complex and expensive.
OculusIT offers you dedicated cloud experts that manage your cloud requirements, from
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1. IPaaS – Integrate, Manage and Optimize

Integration Platform as a Service allows cloud to cloud, cloud to on-premise, on-premise to on-premise, and B2B integration. Managing a hybrid infrastructure on your own can be complex and cost intensive. OculusIT offers managed cloud integration services that support real-time integration and scaling to meet high-volume demands of modern-day businesses.

Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)

Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)


Obtain the flexibility to add or remove modular services through our pay-as-you-go model, and adapt to your growing business needs with agile, secure solutions.

Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)


Integrate and manage your workloads securely across heterogeneous platforms. Gain from our Network Operations Center for 24×7 monitoring and security.

Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)


Our service models are tailored to fit your exact business need within hours. Leverage the freedom to select from leading third-party public cloud platforms.

Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)


Gain from our highly optimized IT partner network and delivery capability for affordable solutions. Pay-per-use and use only the best services that merit your business requirements.

2. Cloud Automation Services

Deploying, operating and enhancing a hybrid infrastructure is complex and time consuming. With automation and
orchestration solutions from OculusIT, we can help you reduce time to market and operating costs.

  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS) Reduce errors
  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS) Increase efficiency
  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS) Enhance security
  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS) Capacity management
  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS) Improve cost savings, service quality and uptime
  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS) Increase business growth
  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS) Promote improved efficiency and productivity
IT infrastructure and cloud solutions
IT infrastructure and cloud solutions

Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)

Cloud Deployment Services

OculusIT uses a centrally-hosted ITaaS solution to improve business efficiency for cloud deployment services. We offer agile solutions via workflows that use cloud automation technologies. We help you streamline your operations, gain control and customize a dedicated portal for your business needs.

Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)

Cloud Hosting Services

Reduce operational costs and cater to your growing infrastructure needs by our cloud hosting solutions. These solutions help you manage scalable cloud solutions where you define the cost, options, and service delivery models. Our end-to-end cloud hosting solutions give you the benefit of finding the cloud of your choice – in a public, private or shared model.

Allied Services

Emerging technologies are triggering a change in the IT infrastructure landscape across organizations and industries. For you to keep up with this ever-evolving technology landscape and maintain competitive edge, you must enhance and/or overhaul legacy infrastructure for desired impact thereby engaging customers better than ever before and ultimately improve profitability for your business. OculusIT offers holistic, best-in-class, robust and secure enterprise infrastructure solutions and we realize these while partnering with leading technology providers like Oracle®, Veeam®, RSA®, Microsoft®, AWS® among others.

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