Lifecycle management

Make smarter technology decisions with OculusIT Application Development

Building an app without an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) plan is risky. At OculusIT, we provide you a clear-cut direction and planning for your team and help you make the smartest decisions throughout the lifecycle of your apps.

Lifecycle management

Our three-tier approach to
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

An application’s lifecycle management is demarcated by three major aspects: governance, development and operations. Taking care of all these functions can be expensive and resource intensive. We offer you an expert IT team that will take care of your application, right from inception to various operations and updates. Once the idea becomes concrete and the application is created, it goes into production and finally through various operations, it runs smoothly till it reaches end of life.

Lifecycle management


This includes major decision making and project mapping for an application to ensure that its end goal never goes out of focus. A business case is developed, followed by the project portfolio management.

Lifecycle management


Development happens periodically throughout software development lifecycle (SDLC). This includes identifying issues, testing, deploying and updating the application with newer versions.

Lifecycle management


During operations, we maintain the technology stack of the application. This includes monitoring and management of various operations during the ALM.

OculusIT Application Development Services Portfolio

Application Assessment and Audit

Identify potential glitches and technical issues in your application via in-depth analyses, audits and reporting systems at OculusIT.

Application Support and Maintenance

Increase your campus uptime through 24×7 application maintenance, support and system monitoring.

Application Enhancement

We offer advanced enhancement solutions that allow your applications to fulfill much broader requirements than originally planned.


Whether it’s a single application or an entire system, we transform your applications to be cloud-ready and re-engineered.

Application Performance
Management, and Tuning

Improve your system response time without spending on new infrastructure applications with our performance management and tuning services.


Get rid of unnecessary operating costs and free your staff through our application modernization and optimization services.

Application Security Analysis, Enhancement and Testing

We identify all potential security threats and risks for your application through a rigorous testing system, that includes multiple security assessments.

Managed Application

Revolutionize the way you work with applications that are agile, reliable, efficient and automate your IT processes.


Benefit from the services catered towards the full lifecycle of your app from transition planning to engineering support.

Quality Assurance

Deliver exceptional student services through reliable, secure applications that don’t demand downtime via our quality assurance services.


We provide migration, optimization, implementation, maintenance, support and customized application development across Java.


This includes .NET mobile app development, performance tuning, maintenance, support, third-party tools integration, desktop and web application development.


JavaScript implementation from OculusIT includes UI development, programming, web development, automated testing and business analysis.


OculusIT offers services for Python web development, Python legacy app to Python-based apps, performance tuning, updates and maintenance.


Leverage from our highly customized PHP services that include web application and plugin development, UX/UI development, maintenance and support.


Experts at OculusIT offer microservices consulting, business analysis, implementation, integration and maintenance along with support and development.

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