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Various software systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Learning Management System (LMS) are crucial to ensure centralized operations, maximum efficiency, streamlined processes, and to give your institution a competitive edge in the higher-ed industry. At OculusIT, we manage your platforms, from implementation to updates, and ensure that your organization faces zero downtime.


As an Oracle® Gold partner, OculusIT aims to deliver consistent, accurate, and actionable services across the entire suite of your Oracle® applications. Oracle® experts at OculusIT follow the best practices across the industry through years of domain experience and expertise. As an end goal, we focus on providing you with customized planning, implementation and management of all your Oracle® investments. You can maintain 24×7 business continuity with our integrated suite of high availability solutions and get the most out of your Oracle® environment.

Oracle’s PeopleSoft® applications provide comprehensive campus technology solutions, increase productivity, accelerate performance and provide a lower cost of ownership. OculusIT offers an entire suite of managed services that includes implementation, support, upgrade and customizations for your Peoplesoft® applications.


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Our Portfolio of Services for Oracle® E-Business Suite:

  • Assessment & planning workshops
  • Communications, conversion, data archiving,
    testing, training & instance management strategy
  • Data conversion & migration
  • Project assurance & health assessments
  • Project management & planning
  • Module phasing & rollout schedule
  • Business process mapping & gap analysis
  • Report specification & design
  • Best practices for collaborative team behavior
  • System testing
  • Resource commitments & planning
  • Application setup & configuration
  • End-user training and cut-over strategy
  • Implementations and upgrade
  • Post-production support
  • High-level organizational change management activities
  • Interfaces/conversions/forms development

Today, the importance of gaining workforce insight to align the right resources for your campus cannot be stressed enough. With Workday® managed services from OculusIT, you can combine finance, HR, and planning to solve your biggest challenges through our unparalleled expertise in hosting and consultation support. We offer Workday® implementation and rollout, process configurations, version upgrades, ongoing learning and support.


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Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

Simplify the most complex Workday® challenges with a streamlined approach from OculusIT. We aim to accelerate your return on investment with an excellent project management and tools that reduce security risks and help you achieve success.

Workday® Human Capital Management (HCM)

Make your campus decisions meaningful for your students with our student-centric benefits and payroll solutions for Workday®.

Workday® Financial Management 

Leverage from our years of unparalleled expertise in managing your Workday® financial management deployment services. Drive ongoing improvements at your campus environment and build student satisfaction by a strong understanding of their needs.

Seamless Integrations 

Simplify the integration process with our seamless solutions for third parties and data sources. We help you leverage the data you need to solve the most difficult challenges on Workday®.

Continuous Optimization 

Get the most out of your Workday® investments by extracting maximum value through our continuous optimization services. We help you increase your ROI and build a robust strategy around your Workday® operations.


Unifyed™ builds solutions exclusively for higher ed that promote immersive student experiences, maximize security, increase operational efficiency & provide data-rich insights for staff constituents to boost retention & create a student-centric campus.


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Unifyed™ Engage

Unifyed™ Engage equips institutions with a highly intuitive, customizable, and simple-to-execute solution designed exclusively for higher education. Engage integrates with all major enterprise applications including SIS, LMS, email and more, making relevant information readily available across all devices.


  • Student Engagement Apps
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Integration
  • Unifyed™ Verify
  • Built-In Analytics
  • Unifyed™ Publish

Unifyed™ Admit

Unifyed™ Admit is a complete student recruitment platform designed to help higher education institutions in automating their entire student recruitment process. It helps in improving overall communication to engage students, derive meaningful insights, and simplify other admin tasks.


  • Automatic Recruiter/Admission
  • Counsellor Assignment
  • Communication Plan
  • Checklist Assignment
  • Academic Calendar
  • Student Data and Information

Unifyed™ Student

Unifyed™ Student is an analytics-first approach solution to deliver the best-in-class constituent experience. With swift implementation in just 3 to 6 months, institutions of all sizes can leverage customized solutions and witness a rise in campus-wide productivity, student engagement, and communication.


  • Role-Based dashboards enabled with analytics
  • Configurable charts to provide a unique view of the underlying data
  • Clickable charts to see details behind the graphs
  • Customizable dashboards to meet specific business requirements
  • Ability to get an instant custom report
  • Easy to obtain complex reports such as IPEDs
  • Provision of going behind the scenes to view the data and generate their own queries
  • Tabular views of the data, allowing the user to customize the column
  • Built “Intelligent Forms”, remembering every user’s preferences
  • Smart sorting features with reduced number of clicks to perform simple sorting tasks
  • Introduces forms with extensive searching capabilities
  • Designed to ease data entry with unique data entry features
  • Inbuilt smart features like entering a Zip Code & automatic display of international dialing code

Leverage an uninterrupted e-learning environment for your students and staff with our managed services for Moodle. We help you minimize costs, streamline administration, and enjoy smooth training operations across the Moodle platform. We ensure responsive, reliable, and scalable solutions, from auditing your current Moodle systems to upgrading them to the latest version.


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Our Portfolio of Services for Moodle:

  • Implementation
  • Hybrid hosting
  • Upgrade projects
  • System administration & configuration
  • Systems architecture
  • Planning services
  • Customization
  • Performance testing
  • Technical audits
  • Training services

OculusIT is among the leaders in BEIS/EIS professional services that can help your organization with implementation, upgrades, and on-going support for prices you won’t find. We offer:

Single Authentication: We provide a single authentication page for end users and Single Sign-On to get the students, staff and faculty up and running.

Support for Multiple SSO Protocols: This includes direct support for SAML2, CAS, WS-Trust, WS-Federation, Open ID, and many other standards to easily connect the various systems across your organization.

Administration Tools: A browser-based control panel lets you quickly and easily view and update all your configuration information, users, and settings. No more digging through XML and parameter files.

The Ellucian ERP platform, Luminis®, creates a common entry point to day-to-day information used by students, faculty, and staff. With OculusIT, you can build, deploy, manage, optimize and enhance your ERP investments on Ellucian Luminis®. This includes installation, implementation, upgrade and support for Luminis®.

Single Sign-On


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Self-service Single Sign-On: Whether it is branding or adding applications, get it all done through OculusIT self-service portal.

In-Built App Suite: Get one-click access to every app you need at work – Salesforce®, Box®, Banner®, ADP®, Dropbox® and more.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics: Get actionable insights on your users, apps what they’re accessing and more.

Role-Based Access Control: Give role-based privileges to your teams and manage them centrally.

Pay-As-You-Go Licensing: Pay only for the users that are active, instead of all, and make significant savings on your SSO model.

Security Pit-Stop: Centralized global logout control and visibility into who’s using what applications and more.

Self-Help Knowledge Base: Your go-to place for tips and tricks to handle any sign-on situation you may encounter.

Limiting App Usage: Maintain a fair app usage policy to optimize your resources & cut costs.

Self-Service Password Manager


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Password Recovery: Recover forgotten passwords with multi-factor authentication.

Security Questions: Set your own questions for recovery or choose from the lot we offer!

Expiry Notifications: Manage password expiry notifications and facilitate easy updates.

Reports: Recover forgotten passwords with a multi-factor authentication.

Recovery by Email/Phone: Use your cellphone or mail to recover lost passwords without any hassle.

Branding : Use our custom branding capabilities to your benefit and deliver a seamless experience to your users.

Multi-Factor Authentication


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Password Manager Authentication: Gain a protected password reset mechanism with OculusIT’s Multi-Factor authentication.

Role-based Authentication: Use modes like SMS, email, mobile app etc. to establish role-based authentication.

Challenge Questions: Ensure that the authenticated user logs in by verifying through challenge questions.

Push Authentication Notifications: Enable user authentication using push notifications on the mobile devices.

Diverse Detection Criteria: Trigger authentication based on user’s location, network, device, browser etc.

Fingerprint Authentication: Use the fingerprint recognition on touch-enabled devices to authenticate your users.

Branding: Use our custom branding capabilities to your benefit and deliver a seamless experience to your users.

User Provisioning and De-Provisioning


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Multi-source Integration: Data from varied sources, platforms, and ERPs are integrated using the platform/custom scripts with Active Directory® or LDAP®, and provisioning ensures that all information is synced.

Predefined Connectors: Data is synced and integrated with heterogeneous IT systems for provisioning or reconciliation using predefined connectors.

Easy Configuration: Improve efficiency by deploying the right apps, simplify app request management, approval and provisioning process with automated workflows.

Identity Provider


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Federation Support: Leverage from collaborations with multiple campuses using OculusIT federation support.

Directory Integration: Gain access to your applications in a safe and secure manner with directory integration from Identity Provider.

Secure Authentication: Our Identity Provider supports authentication mechanisms like CAS, SAML, OAUTH, and OPENAM.

Provisioning & De-provisioning: Monitor control over your applications by provisioning and de-provisioning access to your users.

SSO & SLO Support: Provide single sign-on and single logout for your applications, thus securing all security loopholes.

Self-Service Admin Interface: Gain easy registration to your applications using self-service admin interface with OculusIT Identity Provider.



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Anytime/Anywhere Access: Give your users anytime/anywhere access to their essential apps.

Seamless UX: Ensure a seamless user experience irrespective of which device they use.

Onboarding/ Offboarding Sync: Synchronize the onboarding and offboarding of your users and their devices.

Seamless Security: Ensure uncompromised security while still retaining flexibility.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication


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Improved Security: Users are required to answer security questions to complete the authentication process.

Role-based Authentication: The modes of authentication can be set according to different user roles and sensitivity of the data involved.

Identity Theft Protection: Multi-Factor Authentication helps prevent identity thefts and security breaches, thereby fortifying overall IT security.

Security Question:
Users answer a security question to complete the authentication process.

Email: Users receive a verification code by email for authentication.

Phone: Users get a verification code on their mobile devices which verifies their identity.

User Self-Registration


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Fortified Security: Eliminate default passwords and vanquish any possibility of intruder access using
predictable defaults.

Operational Ease for IT teams: OculusIT eases operations for the onboarding team by eliminating the need to create and dispatch default passwords.

Enforce Strong Passwords for All users: Users can no longer continue to use weak, predictable default passwords and need to set complex, hard-to-guess, unique passwords to access critical applications.

Gain a full range of consultation, configuration, migration, and support services for your Microsoft® applications and work environment. We have highly skilled MCSE and CCNA certified engineers with effective technical knowledge and communication skills that take care of quick transitions and deployments. We offer remote and on-site technical support with 24×7 monitoring, ensuring coordination with customers in multiple countries.


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Microsoft Exchange®

We hold over a decade of experience in all aspects of Exchange® server implementations. We are skilled in managing your Exchange® server, be it Exchange® 2000/2003/2007 or the latest 2010.

Microsoft Office 365®

We offer turn-key migration services for campuses with existing SharePoint® 2007 or SharePoint® 2010 on-premise implementations, as well as solutions for non-SharePoint® based on-premises migration into a cloud-based Office 365® instance.

Active Directory®

We employ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with a real-world understanding of what it takes to manage complex and challenging Active Directory® environments.


Our SharePoint® services combine more than 15 years of experience and are designed to help colleges and universities make the most of their SharePoint® investments.


We help you grow and scale your campus requirements with our implementation and management services for one of the world’s best CRM platforms. Our Salesforce® experts have extensive experience helping colleges and universities to support their SFDC implementations. We offer end-to end services for your Salesforce® project life-cycle including deployments, end-user and admin training’s, go-live support, maintenance and support.


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Our Portfolio of Services for Salesforce®

  • Salesforce® implementation
  • Application integration
  • Salesforce® development
  • Data cleansing and migration

Why choose OculusIT for your Salesforce® management?

  • Remote administration and support
  • Streamline recruiting efforts and optimize brand management
  • Track your analytics
  • Mobilize your recruiters on-the-go



  • Leverage Salesforce® AppExchange
  • Out-of-the-box ERP integration
  • Diverse means of seamless communication
  • Simplified accessibility across your Salesforce® platform

*Disclaimer: All trade names, registered or otherwise, are property of their respective owners. OculusIT is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ellucian®, Jenzabar® Salesforce® or Workday®.

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