Remote Infrastructure Management

Keep pace with changing IT
infrastructure needs through
Remote Infrastructure Management

Turnkey IT Infrastructure Management Solutions from OculusIT.

Remote Infrastructure Management

In making sure that your IT infrastructure and the corresponding operating costs are in your total control, OculusIT has built a smart Remote Infrastructure Management offering. RIM services from OculusIT not only manage data center, networks, email, devices, storage, ERP, OS, security, servers, support, database, applications, telephony, and services for you, but also provide state-of-the-art security overlays (SOCaaS and Incident Response) that monitor and mitigate threats that may adversely impact your IT infrastructure.

Our RIM support edges out from the competition by being the most cost effective and cutting edge. Our global delivery network enables us to be 24x7x365 available.

        Make your IT infrastructure

Always available          |       Secure       |      Complaint with regulations     |       Cost sensitive

The OculusIT RIM advantage

State-of-the-art Technology for RIM
Single View Dashboard Reporting
Security Operations Center as a Service
Data Backup and Recovery

A responsive and robust RIM helps you address these critical challenges: 

  • Cost Pressures
  • Developing in-house capabilities and people.
  • Infrastructure investment needs
  • Frequent, expensive and time-consuming technology updates.

24×7 Support

  • Managing around-the-clock uptime and readiness.
  • Meeting rigorous processing requirements to avoid service failures.

Keep Pace with Changing IT Infrastructure Needs

  • RIM enables you to get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Meeting continuously changing regulatory requirements and evolving technology landscape.
  • Minimizing diversion of key resources from core services.

Talent Availability and Retention

  •  Difficulty finding people with specialized skills and expertise.
  •  Providing career paths to retain and manage IT infrastructure engineers.

Get in touch with us to know how we can help you cut costs and improve operational excellence leveraging RIM services.

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