Data Center Services

Transform your data center
to keep pace with your growing campus needs.

Originally, data centers were not built to scale up to the growing needs of higher education institutions or compete with cloud technology. Let’s change that now.

Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Colleges and universities today are leveraging technology and stretching their data center capabilities via virtualization. OculusIT believes in building next generation data center technology that works through orchestration and distribution capabilities to provision end-to-end IT services. This will allow you to pool data center resources, develop infrastructures with automated operations, and create an integrated, proactive IT framework.


Reimagine your existing data center environment with scalability, flexibility and seamless transition into next-gen service delivery. This includes initial consultation, augmenting operations and complete modernization of your campus.


Data Center Services

We offer the following services for your data center environment:

  • Planning and design
  • Operations and management
  • Consolidation and relocation
  • Connectivity services
  • Data center adaptability and efficiency
  • Modular data center configuration

DCaaS from OculusIT

Data Center Services

Advantages of DCaaS from OculusIT

Data Center Services

Lower infrastructure cost

Data Center Services

Flexible delivery models

Data Center ServicesFully secure and agile

Data Center Services

24X7 contact centre and monitoring


Data Center Services

Begin your journey to the cloud by virtualizing networking and storage and laying the foundation for virtual data centers. This would help your campus achieve agility and save costs on maintaining heavy infrastructure. We offer:

  • Network virtualization: Link the available resources in a network by separating the bandwidth within channels, each of which can be assigned to a server in real-time.
  • Storage virtualization: Merge physical storage from various network storage devices into a single storage medium that is managed from a central console.
  • Server virtualization: Spare the users from managing the complicated details of server resources by optimizing resource utilization and maintaining the capacity to increase later.


Data Center Services

Build the strongest, most secure and reliable infrastructure on the cloud. A hybrid ecosystem with primary and virtual data centers have multi-fold advantages that help colleges and universities scale their storage as per requirement. Our cloud migration approach includes:

  • Lift & shift: Forklift approach to migrating applications to the cloud.
  • Re-platform: Migrations move assets to the cloud with a small amount of up-versioning using a managed database offering or the addition of
    automation enabled auto scaling.
  • Rearchitect: Deep domain expertise required for rearchitecting on the cloud.

Data Center as-a-Service

Data Center Services

This includes end-to-end management of your data center environment, including remote infrastructure management, managed hosting, Infrastructure as a Service and data center co-location. We offer the following services:

  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Managed Hosting
  • Infrastructure as-a-Service
  • Data Center Colocation

Some of the benefits of partnering with OculusIT for Data Center as-a-Service are:

  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Flexible delivery models
  • Fully secure and agile offering
  • 24×7 monitoring and support

Data Recovery and Backup

Data Center Services

Move beyond simple backups to ensure all your workloads are protected and tuned to your campus priorities. We partner with leading Cloud Service Providers for the best DR and Business Continuity Planning to protect your applications.

  • Work area recovery
  • Hardware recovery
  • Disaster recovery ability assessment
  • System recovery
  • Recovery planning report
  • Infrastructure recovery services

Data Protection

Data Center Services

Leverage advanced data protection and security capabilities, mitigate data risk, ensure backup of critical information and reduce the total cost of a data breach. We offer:

  • Security: The data is encrypted over wire and stored within our data centers, ensuring that the data in transit and the data at rest are highly secure.
  • Highest data availability: With two copies of data, the local copy ensures faster recovery, the remote copy provides redundancy, and with tape off-site, there is a long-term retention of data.
  • Seasoned professionals: We have skilled resources who can help you off-load mundane backup management activities and get rid of monitoring backup jobs.
  • Flexibility: Our flexible models allow you to scale as your data grows and provide predictable costs and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Assurance: We provide 24×7 monitoring of backup processes, thus ensuring
    high backup success rates.


Data Center Services

Deploy a quick, reliable way to replace or expand your traditional data center through containerization. This enables you to expand storage as per campus needs and reduce operational costs by half. It further helps by reducing power consumption and maximize efficiency. Some of the benefits of using containerization services from OculusIT:

  • Faster deployment
  • High integration and reliability
  • Fully configured architecture
  • Efficient on energy saving
  • Sophisticated monitoring and management solution

Allied Services

OculusIT offers holistic, best-in-class, robust and secure enterprise infrastructure solutions and we realize these while partnering with eading technology providers like Oracle, Veeam, RSA, Microsoft, AWS among others.

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