Identity Access management

Leverage Single Sign-On,
Identity Provisioning and
Mobile-First Security

OculusIT offers end-to-end Identity and Security solutions for the modern-day enterprise. Our AI-first and mobile-first approach to building products has earned us the trust of our customers with their identity management needs.


OculusIT SSO Features

Self-Service Single Sign-On

Whether it is branding or adding applications, get it all done through OculusIT self-service portal.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Get insightful & actionable insights on who are your users, apps they’re accessing and more.

In-Built App Suite

Get one-click access to every app you need at work -Salesforce®, Box®, Banner®, ADP®, Dropbox® and more.

Role-Based Access Control

Give the right set of privileges to the right employee & manage them centrally.

Pay-As-You-Go Licensing

Pay only for the users that are active, instead of all, and make significant savings on your SSO model.

Security Pit-Stop

Centralized global logout control and visibility into who’s using what applications, and more.

Self-Help Knowledge Base

Your go-to place for tips and tricks to handle any sign-on situation you may encounter.

Limiting App Usage

Maintain a fair app usage policy to optimize your resources & cut costs.

Self-Service Password Manager

Password Recovery

Recover forgotten passwords with
multi-factor authentication.

Security Questions

Set your own questions for recovery or
choose from the lot we offer!

Expiry Notifications

Manage password expiry notifications and
facilitate easy updates.


Get insightful reports on password resets and accounts that have MFA configured.

Recovery by Email/Phone

Use your cellphone or mail to recover lost
passwords without any hassle.


Use our custom branding capabilities to your benefit and deliver a seamless experience to your users.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Password Manager Integration

Gain a protected password reset mechanism with OculusIT’s Multi-Factor Integration.

Role-based Authentication

Use modes like SMS, email, mobile app etc. to establish role-based authentication.

Challenge Questions

Ensure that the authenticated user logs in by verifying through challenge questions.

Push Authentication Notifications

Enable user authentication using push notifications on the mobile devices.

Diverse Detection Criteria

Trigger authentication based on user’s location, network, device, browser etc.

Fingerprint Authentication

Use the fingerprint recognition on touch-enabled devices to authenticate your users.

User Provisioning and De-Provisioning

Multi-Source Integration

Data from varied sources, platforms, and ERPs are integrated using the platform/custom scripts with Active Directory® or LDAP® and provisioning ensures that all information is synced.

Predefined Connectors

Data is synced and integrated with heterogeneous IT systems for provisioning or reconciliation using predefined connectors.

Easy Configuration

Improve efficiency by deploying the right apps, simplify app request management, approval and provisioning process with automated workflows.

Identity Provider 

Federation Support 

Leverage from collaborations with multiple trust organizations using OculusIT federation support.

Directory Integration 

Gain access to your applications in a safe and secure manner with directory integration from Identity Provider.  

Secure Authentication 

Our Identity Provider supports authentication mechanisms like CAS, SAML, OAUTH, and OPENAM. 

Provisioning & Deprovisioning 

Monitor control over your applications by provisioning and de-provisioning access to your users.  

SSO & SLO Support 

Provide single sign-on and single logout-out for your applications, thus securing all security loopholes.  

Self-Service Admin Interface 

Gain easy registration to your applications using self-service admin interface with OculusIT Identity Provider.   

User Self-Registration

Fortified Security

Eliminate default passwords and vanquish any possibility of intruder access using predictable defaults.

Operational Ease for IT teams

OculusIT eases operations for the onboarding team by eliminating the need to create and dispatch default passwords.

Enforce Strong Passwords for All Users

Users can no longer continue to use weak, predictable default passwords and need to set complex, hard-to-guess, unique passwords to access critical applications.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication  

Improved Security

Users are required to answer security questions to complete the authentication process.

Role-based Authentication 

The modes of authentication can be set according to different user roles and sensitivity of the data involved. 

Identity Theft Protection  

Multi-Factor Authentication helps prevent identity thefts and security breaches, thereby fortifying overall IT security. 

Security Question  

Users answer a security question to complete the authentication process.  


Users receive a verification code by email for authentication.  


Users get a verification code on their mobile devices which verifies their identity. 

 Save 10% with an annual subscription of our Identity and Access Management solutions. 


$0.5 Per User/month
  • Self service
  • In-Built App Suite
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics
  • Role-Based Access Control


$0.6 Per User/month
  • Password Recovery
  • Expiry Notifications
  • Security Questions
  • Recovery by Email/Phone


$0.8 Per User/month
  • Role-based Authentication
  • Custom Challenge Questions
  • Fingerprint Authentication


$0.6 per user/month
  • Federation Support
  • Directory Integration
  • Secure Authentication
  • Provisioning and Deprovisioning