Focused Industries

OculusIT is a leading managed IT
and cloud services partner
to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies.

Focused Industries

OculusIT is a partner of choice for the banking and financial services industry, travel, logistics & distribution, automotive, retail, healthcare, media & entertainment, and the public sector. We support our customers across the information technology value change and offer business enabling services like application management, ERP and CRM support, cyber security and monitoring services, business continuity and disaster recovery. Our growing digital practice has enabled businesses to engage better with their end customers and make operations agile to the changing market needs.

Banking & Financial Services

Today, the banking and financial services industry is focused on digital customer experience through technologies like AI, ML, blockchain, cyber security, IoT, Big Data and cloud. Being dominated by ever-increasing regulations and an omni-channel presence, banks and financial institutions aim towards cutting their operational costs. OculusIT aims for a smart enterprise-wide approach that boosts their digital presence, increases cross-selling opportunities, improves customer experience and helps them comply with data privacy regulations.

Travel & Hospitality

The latest technologies have created ample opportunities for customers to expect a holistic traveling experience. They demand for competitive pricing, personalized experiences, quick response time and 24×7 support. We deliver digital transformation services for various sub sectors of the travel industry – airlines, hotels, travel agencies and transportation companies. We provide automated testing, infrastructure support, cloud migration, disaster recovery and backup, compliance audits and risk assessments, IT consultation among other services.

Logistics & Distribution

OculusIT offers customer-centric experiences and digital solutions for logistics and distribution operators to enjoy a competitive advantage. The logistics and distribution industry, being tight on budgets, is forced to do more with less. At OculusIT, our cloud-based software solutions help you with regulatory and custom compliance, operating capacity planning, network planning, equipment monitoring, blockchain, data recovery and backup, trade connectivity, helpdesk, identity management and more.


Automotive manufacturers and service providers are rapidly evolving ways to partner with their customers to improve driving experience. They are focused on data science, design thinking and eco-friendly ways to improve their engineering solutions cost-effectively. OculusIT offers business planning and implementation models, AI/ML technologies, chatbots, IT security, data intelligence, regulatory compliances and blockchain technology for a digital automotive experience.


Retailers must constantly re-invent and re-architect ways to keep the socially connected users interested. Aggressive competition and declining demand may drive any retail organization out of business. Our smart solutions allow you to harness technologies and services like IoT, cloud, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, DevOps, supply chain network optimization, helpdesk, product engineering, data insights, data management, compliance audits, disaster recovery and backup for a rich shopping experience for your customers.


Today, the healthcare industry is harnessing digital technologies to improve their patient care and wellness services. In a post GDPR-world, hospitals and wellness centres must comply with various regulations to protect their customer data. OculusIT provides compliance audits like GDPR and HIPAA assessments and Data Privacy Impact Assessments to help them build sustainable healthcare systems. Our Data Protection Officers provide training to your management and staff on data protection requirements.

Media & Entertainment

The telecommunications, media and entertainment industries are revising their traditional approach and moving towards a holistic digital experience. OculusIT helps you offer next-generation capabilities to your users by leveraging AI/ML, IoT, cloud and Big Data. We help you deliver personalized customer experiences with digitization, smart-chat, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication cloud services, advisory services, risk assessments and compliance audits.

Public Sector

Public sector organizations around the world are facing multiple challenges like compressing budgets, technology changes and real-time 24×7 support to meeting high customer expectations. OculusIT helps you leverage IT to improve your existing services and create better digital solutions. We offer core infrastructure solutions, application management, mobility, helpdesk, identity management and compliance audits to ensure a secure, agile, personalized and exemplary customer experience.

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We help enterprises grow, adapt, scale, reinvent and digitally transform themselves.


Flexible to respond and realign based on customer’s priorities, business & technology shifts.

Engineering &
Service Excellence

Technology is our passion. It’s our endeavor to achieve customer satisfaction through our relentless pursuit of engineering excellence.


Our delivery and engagement methodology is aimed at reducing your IT spend by employing intuitive technology and best in class delivery capabilities.

We offer holistic information technology services and solutions delivered with excellence and optimized for being affordable throughout their lifecycle.

Software Services

  • Dedicated CRM for NBFC
  • Mobile Apps for Banks and NBFCs
  • Software Application Development
  • Web Application Development

QA and Testing

  • Software Testing
  • Automation testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test Advisory Services

Technical Support Services

  • IT Helpdesk Services
  • Level 1 & 2 Product Supportu
  • Remote Monitoring Services /NOC
  • Database Support Services
  • Network Support Services
  • IT Infrastructure Services

IT Platforms 

  • Oracle
  • Workday
  • Salesforce

BDP and DR

  • Business Continuity Planning & Design
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
  • Data Center Services
  • Remote Infrastructure Management

Cloud Services

  • Migration and Modernization
  • Managed Cloud Services (IPAAS)
  • Multi-cloud Migration Services
  • Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Cyber Security Services

  • Security Consulting & Implementation
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Website & Web App Security Audit
  • Digital Network forensic services
  • IT Risk Management Solutions

Risk Assessment & Compliance Audits

  • GLBA Assessment
  • GDPR Assessment
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments

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