Realize your Digital Goals with OculusIT

Our digital strategy will help you reimagine your business model through innovation, operation and engagement.

Be Digital at the Core


An organization that doesn’t respond, evolve and adapt to the latest technology trends and digital disruption won’t survive the new market demands. There is a smarter paradigm shift from automation and IT enablement of businesses to connected networks and exchange of data, from human to machine and m2m. In a business age that is self-aware, we empower your organization to transform your digital landscape through new intelligence and digital reinvention.

Consulting on Digital Priorities

Workforce insights

Preparing, enabling and training your workforce for a digital transformation is critical. Digital transformation is not only about the technology, it’s a change in the mindset of how organizations create value for their end-customers, and none of that would be possible without educated and agile employees. The technology is great, but companies need to ensure they are educating and empowering employees along the way.

Technology & Platforms

Having a common digital platform is critical for better user traction and data insightsers, you cannot be successful and agile for change. We help you realize the true potential of cloud with rapidly provisioned and highly scalable cloud solutions.

Data Insights

Data forms the very basis of formulating a digital strategy that works for your business. We help you analyze and interpret data insights from an as-is-state to a to-be-state. Knowing what data is critical, what needs to be seen, what needs to be captured and tracked, is critical to get the required insights for today and future readiness. It’s with this data you will be able to identify hidden patterns and carve out new opportunities.

Customer insights

It’s a given that every successful business keeps its customers at the core of every strategy. Without knowing the evolving needs and future ecosystem of your customers, you cannot be successful and agile for change. We help you assist and build a strategy that is fully converged towards your customers. The value of data and the power of digital interactions will give you the power to redefine everything from customer experiences to day-to-day operations.

Big Data & Analytics

OculusIT leverages big data technologies and integrates within your digital platform to successfully capture business insights. Disparate systems – CRM, ERP, Social, HRM and other peripheral systems can be successfully mapped to a BI platform for informed decision making.

Cloud Apps and Mobile Solutions

All top application developers are rebuilding their applications for the cloud and mobile. Moving old apps to a remote location is not really taking advantage of cloud computing. How old are your apps and when were they built? Cloud and Mobile Apps are significant for most professionals to be productive today. Do you still use desktop solutions for your millennial workers?

Customer Experience (CX) and
Social Marketing

Today’s customers expect quick response to their needs from all companies. They communicate in many ways: social media, text, chat, Skype, FaceTime, email, phone and in person.

Cyber Security

Traditional virus software and static system firewalls do not cut it today. All business systems are targeted by hackers from around the world and sometimes within your own company. The latest cyber security systems are proactive and reactive in protecting your company.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT can be used in most offices to save money on energy, improve security and reduce costs. The healthcare industry will make very good use of wearables over the next two years.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
and ML (Machine Learning)

AI and ML are being integrated into many of the latest business applications this year. Sales and marketing apps with this technology will make your people much more productive. Do your applications have this technology yet?

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality

Quite a few businesses have adopted VR technology this year. AR will have a faster return on investment than VR for most of the companies in the next few years.


This is one of the fastest returns on digital transformation investment for businesses. If you have a lot of paper processing and signing, you must implement eSignatures technology this year.

Voice Personal Assistants Chatbots

A lot of organizations are experimenting with using voice personal assistants as productivity tools for employees and customers.

Responsive Web Design

Your website should be designed to work on all devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs. You should also invest in publishing short videos on your web pages to increase customer interaction.

Smart Solutions


Design and Product Engineering

Exceed client expectations with exceptional design and product engineering that speaks for itself. No two customer experiences are alike, and at OculusIT, we ensure that our uniqueness matches with excellence.


AI and Machine Learning

Leverage actionable insights from our AI and ML technologies and improve your response timing, workflows and customer experiences.



Engage with your customers and stay connected through our mobility solutions that uplift your enterprise presence and drive results.



Drive real-time engagement through our digital marketing offerings for personalized services, seamless navigation and enriched user experiences.


Harnessing the Cloud

Choose the cloud of your choice and leverage our cloud expertise to build reliable, secure and top-notch customer experiences, either in private, public or hybrid cloud.


Big Data and Analytics

Unlock the power of big data that drives actionable insights, and use next-generation analytics to make diagnostic, data-driven decisions for your business.


Internet of Things

Drive efficiency and transform the way you do business with our IoT solutions that deliver digitally charged products and services.



Secure your digital presence (portals, mobile apps, websites) against cyber-attacks and ransomwares with our security and identity management solutions.

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