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Manage your cloud investments with OculusIT Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Govern your cloud investments by gaining visibility into the control points that manage your cloud services. At OculusIT, we offer asset and cost management strategies that ultimately profit your cloud investments.

Our Approach to Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

The most important conversation today is about how business can optimize their cloud adoption to suite their unique requirements. OculusIT provides brokerage services for your hybrid cloud transformation by playing a consultative role between you and our cloud platform partners. We assist you in deploying and integrating apps across multiple clouds with an aim to configure best solutions with huge cost advantages. Cloud brokerage services from OculusIT include migration, VM portability, API management, normalization among other integration services. This helps enhance agility in service procurement by “brokering” cloud in a reliable, controlled and optimized manner.

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Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Cloud Aggregation

We integrate and package multiple service catalogues into one. Customers can select services that fit their specific business needs on the cost of a single bill. This approach has been by far the more cost-effective and efficient. OculusIT plays a vital role in managing cloud provider relationships, cloud security and cloud governance services.

Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Cloud Customization

This approach involves work on the existing cloud services to meet the end goals and requirements. In a few cases, OculusIT works directly with the clients and develops additional features to run in the cloud. This essentially helps them build a cloud with improved integration, visibility and compliance of the key IT processes.

Cloud Brokerage Managed Services

Cloud Integration

OculusIT acts as a cloud integrator, not only to add value by automating workflows across hybrid environments, but also to reduce business risks and improve overall performance. Once the integration is complete, OculusIT provides support to the organization on an ongoing basis.

Allied Services

Emerging technologies are triggering a change in the IT infrastructure landscape across organizations and industries. For you to keep up with this ever-evolving technology landscape and maintain competitive edge, you must enhance and/or overhaul legacy infrastructure for desired impact thereby engaging customers better than ever before and ultimately improve profitability for your business. OculusIT offers holistic, best-in-class, robust and secure enterprise infrastructure solutions and we realize these while partnering with leading technology providers like Oracle®, Veeam®, RSA®, Microsoft®, AWS® among others.

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